Sen Cal Kapimi 16 Bolum

Sen Cal Kapimi Episode 16 English Subtitles Explained You Knock On My Door    

The 16th episode of the romantic comedy Turkish series Sen Cal Kapimi – You Knock On My Door, meeting with the audience on Wednesday evenings on Fox TV screens, will be broadcasted on 28 October. The Turkish series, starring Hande Erçel and Kerem Bürsin, attracted attention with a decline in ratings when the winter season series began. The Turkish series, which lost a significant part of its audience, still manages to keep a loyal and large fan base on the screen.

Will secrets be revealed in episode 16 of the Turkish Series Sen Cal Kapimi – You Knock On My Door series? How long will Serkan run away from Eda, how long will Eda be distracted by not telling the truth? Fans of the series want the two lovers to get together.

However, the voice does not belong to Hande Erçel. It is dubbed. Viewers harshly criticized this situation on social media. 

Sen Cal Kapimi Episode 16 English Subtitles

Episode 15 of Turkish Series Sen Cal Kapimi – You Knock On My Door finished with Serkan finding Eda in a pit. Serkan trembles after finding Eda in the camping area. Serkan’s close and caring behavior draws Eda’s attention. She suspects that there is another reason behind Serkan’s decision to leave.

Since Eda hits her head when she has an accident in the forest, she should not sleep until morning. Serkan insistently takes her to the summer house. And they spend time together until morning.

Serkan, on the other hand, tries to get used to the separation with Eda while attempting to remain unresponsive to Efe and Eda being together because he is aware that Eda has doubts about their breakup.

Sen Cal Kapimi 16 Bolum

Eda suspects Serkan’s decision to break up after spending time together in the Summer house. Eda consistently asks Serkan for a reason, but Serkan remains unresponsive. Eda is sure about Serkan’s feelings for her. Eda tells Serkan she will find the reason behind his behavior. 

On the other hand, Eda overhears Serkan and his mother’s conversation about their breakup. Eda has several questions on her mind now. Is it because of Serkan’s parents Serkan has parted his ways from her? is her first question. How will this turn out for both Serkan and Eda?

The boys take part in the match, and the girls’ in karaoke night and the boys join the girls’ party. It will be much more difficult for Serkan to hide his love for Eda on this night when everyone opens their feelings to each other. Tough Serkan battles between his feelings for Eda and the truth he cannot reveal to Eda.

Sen Cal Kapimi Episode 16 Trailers

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