Ah Nerede 3 bolum

Ah Nerede Episode 3 English subtitle Release Date Changed

Ah Nerede Episode 3 starring Nil Keser and  Oktay Çubuk releases on July 22, 2022 Star Tv at 20:00 in Turkey.

Ah Nerede Episode 3 English subtitles

Ah Nerede is a well-executed Star TV production. The crowd enjoyed the show’s first two episodes, which were aired on Friday nights. However, it appears that things are not going well based on the rating results.

Ah Nerede, starring Oktay Ubuk and Nil Keser, rose to prominence as the serial adaptation of the same-titled 1975 film, one of the few remaining examples of Turkish cinema. Unfortunately, the serialised version of the movie, which garnered millions of fans for the Gülsen Bubikoglu and Tarik Akan pair, had less of an effect.

Nil Keser’s prominent role in the show garners attention on social media and is a satisfying narrative for viewers. However, the low ratings during the summer makes it unclear how long the plot will last.

Early final judgments made by ATV for the TV shows Sevmek Zamani and Inside Of Fire have received poor ratings. The unfavourable rating outcomes are Ah Nerede’s primary issue.

Ah Nerede 3 bolum

There is sad news for the audience who are waiting to watch 3rd episode this week. The audience has to wait one more week to watch their favourite show. Due to a festival in Turkey, the show has been cancelled this Friday on July 15th as most of the Turkish people will be busy celebrating the festival which will effect the series rating. The new Episode will be released on July 20th for better rating.

Ah Nerede was one of the projects that garnered the lowest ratings during the summer when only a few TV shows stood out in the ratings. Many viewers believe that the series’ ratings are unfair, nevertheless. Because people who feel they deserve far better frequently express in comments how much they enjoy the serialised version of Ah Nerede

The audience appears satisfied based on social media shares, but Star TV is not happy with the low ratings, as is widely known.

The fact that the second episode of the series came in third overall is a great detail, but it does not alter the fact that the ratings are low. It can be challenging to draw viewers to the screen in the summer.

Ah Nerede does marginally better across the board but less well in the AB and ABC1 categories.

In this situation, making any predictions about how long the series will go would be incorrect. The next three to four weeks will be crucial for Ah Nerede series.

Ah Nerede Episode 3 Trailers

Trailer 1,  Trailer 2

Ah Nerede Episode 3 Release Date

The Third episode, starring Nil Keser and Oktay Cubuk, airs on Star TV in Turkey at 20:00 on July 22, 2022.

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