Sen Cal Kapimi 13 bolum

Sen Cal Kapimi Episode 13 English Subtitles Explained You Knock On My Door  

The first images from the 13th new episode of the Turkish Series Sen Cal Kapimi – You Knock On My Door, which attracted attention with its successful performance on Wednesday evenings, were broadcast on Fox TV screen. In the new episode of the series starring Hande Erçel and Kerem Bürsin, which will be published on Wednesday, October 7, there is a table of happiness by Eda and Serkan.

Sen Cal Kapimi Episode 13 English Subtitles 

The previous episode of Sen Cal Kapimi ended with a hard hit for Selin. Ferit rejecting her on a wedding table, which has left everyone in a difficult position. Selin, who was ready to sacrifice everything for the happiness of her relationship with Ferit is highly disappointed.

In Episode 13, there is a thread of misunderstanding among the characters. Aydan being scared of Eda’s presence in Serkan’s life. Selin misunderstanding the Friendship between Ferit and Jeren. Serkan and Eda being jealous of each other.

However, it seems that Serkan Bolat’s mother and father’s thoughts against Eda will break the whole spell. Serkan’s father, responsible for Eda’s parents’ deaths years ago, now denies this relationship between Serkan and Eda.

He wants Serkan to learn the facts and understand that he cannot be with Eda. It is noteworthy that Serkan’s father, Alptekin, both wanted to help Eda and objected to his son being with her. How and when the secret of Eda’s parents reveal is the first question of the episode?.

Unaware of all the upcoming challenges, Serkan and Eda spend unforgettable quality time in each other’s arms. Serkan and Eda, who just confessed about their feelings. The series’s fans are not in favor of Eda and Serkan’s pre-separation, who have just joined.

Sen Cal Kapimi 13 bolum

The series’s excitement is Efe Arkman’s entry in the episode, a famous landscape architect who has purchased Selin’s shares in the holding. Efe Arkman being an Idol Landscape Architect for Eda, raises insecurity in Serkan. On the other hand, Efe Arkman and Eda will be working together until his team arrives in Istanbul. 

Efe Arkman, unaware of Eda and Serkan’s relationship, takes an interest in knowing more about Eda from Serkan. The Efe Arkman’s character entering between Serkan and Eda is kept alive. So their love is always shown as open to outside intervention. 

Eda is disturbed by the presence of Selin around Serkan. And Serkan’s request for Selin to stay in the company makes the situation worst between Serkan and Eda. Eda speaks about this with Serkan stating there can only be one in his life. So who will stay and who will leave?

After losing Ferit because of the game played by Eda and Serkan, Selin has an eye on their relationship. Does Selin have an intension of separating Eda and Serkan? Which is the second question of the episode. The series progress within the framework of this uneasiness. 

The comfort is over in the Turkish TV series Sen Cal Kapimi – You Knock On My Door, now there is a thorny road! The Turkish series Sen Cal Kapimi – You Knock On My Door will meet with the audience on Wednesday, October 7, with its 13th new episode. The series has impressive ratings to make with its fun and emotional scenes so far. On the evening of October 7, the Turkish TV series Kurulus Osman returns. There will be a fantastic rating race between ATV and Fox TV. Let’s see who will win?

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