Adim Farah Episode 20 Season 2 English Subtitles

What will happen in the new Episode? What is the subject of the series “Adim Farah“? When and on what day is the latest Episode aired? My name is Farah summary

Adim Farah Episode 20 English Subtitles

Farah, who is about to have a religious wedding with Behnam, tries to prevent the wedding somehow. 

Behnam tells Farah that he sent Tahir to one of his secret cells near the Turkish-Iranian border. Farah tries to find a way to save Tahir, unaware that he is in great danger.

Adim Farah Episode 20 Season 2

If Tahir manages to escape from the cell in Iran and returns to Istanbul with a big advantage, it will cause new troubles for Behnam that he did not expect. Tahir gets a clue that Farah’s mother is also being held there.

Mehmet gets Tahir’s help to access his brother’s file, and Tahir gets Mehmet’s help to confirm the possibility of Farah’s mother’s survival. Merjan unknowingly makes Farah discover a truth about Behnam.

Adim Farah Episode 20 Release Date

Wednesday, November 11th, 20:00 | 20th Episode Season 2

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