sevmek zamani 6 Bolum

Sevmek Zamani Season 2 Episode 6 English Subtitles Time To Love

Sevmek Zaman’s rating issue has existed since the first episode, As the show meets with the public on ATVs on Monday nights. ATV made an early final decision after the first four episodes because there was no chance the series’ ratings would rise.

Sevmek Zamani (Time To Love) Episode 6 English Subtitle

The fifth episode of the television series Sevmek Zaman, which airs on Monday, July 18, will be ATV’s final audience engagement. After making a significant debut in the Aşk Mantik Intikam series, Ilhan Sen decided to play the main character in a drama story this summer.

Deniz Işin, who has recently gained prominence for a number of projects, played the female lead in the Sevmek Zaman television series plot in which romance and drama took centre stage.

sevmek zamani 6 Bolum

Firuze and Kagan’s tremendous love was left unfulfilled. Sevmek Zamani viewers are dissatisfied with this circumstance and complain that they aren’t given enough opportunity to post on social media.

We can see that ATV’s strategy of releasing drama programmes first, as it did with the Kalp Yarasi series last season, did not succeed during the summer months. On Monday, the television programme Sevmek Zamani will come to an end as an unsuccessful attempt.

The sadness of saying goodbye to these two young actors is reflected in the social media posts of the viewers, who admire their harmony and powerful energy.

Sevmek Zamani (Time To Love) Total Episodes

Sevmek Zamani starring Deniz Işn, Lhan En, Toprak Can Adgüzel, Serenay Aktaş, Adaş Onur Ozturk, and Nimet Iyigun has total of 5 Episodes and there is no Sevmek Zamani season 2 due to low ratings.

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