Sen Cal Kapimi 12 Bolum

Sen Cal Kapimi Episode 12 English Subtitles Explained You Knock On My Door 

The successful performance of the Turkish series Sen Cal Kapimi – You Knock On My Door continues to meet the audience on Wednesday evenings. The 12th episode of the series, which brings together Hande Erçel and Kerem Bürsin in the lead role, will be aired on Wednesday, September 30.

As per the reports, the name of the new addition to the cast has been revealed. Pamir Pekin was finalized in Sen Cal Kapimi but then, Pamir Pekin said goodbye to the drama.

According to the backstage information of journalist Birsen Altuntaş, the famous actor left the Sen Cal Kapimi series because the contract conditions were not compiled. The actor, who was stated to have joined the series’s cast in the past days, has separated before meeting with the audience. Pamir Pekin, who has been acting since 2007, last performed in the TV series Enemy in My Home in 2018. The actor has not appeared in any production for two years.

Sen Cal Kapimi 12 Bolum

The new character Efe Akman! He will be seen in Episode 13 of Sen Cal Kapimi – You Knock On My Door. How does this character is going to effect Eda and Serkan’s relationship?. Another surprise by the team int he episode 13.

Sen Cal Kapimi Episode 12 English Subtitles

Episode 11 of Sen Cal Kapimi ended with a beautiful confession of Serkan Bolat to Eda Yildiz. The rapprochement of Eda and Serkan, which started with an agreement, has now turned into love. After several emotional breakups, love confessions. Episode 12 will bring us the much-awaited togetherness of Serkan and Eda.

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Serkan stops Eda from going to Italy with his confession. Eda and Serkan spend quality time together. There is also the issue of hiding their relationship from their families. Since Ayfer has discovered the contract, Eda can’t tell her about dating Serkan. With Eda’s insistence, Serkan also agrees not to tell anyone about their relationship. 

Now its time for Eda to trouble Serkan. Serkan is waiting desperately to hear the same magical words from Eda. Serkan has to wait patiently to get Eda’s confession. Serkan and Eda will go through many adventures while dating in secret.

Eda’s decision to go to Italy remains the same. Eda and Serkan have agreed among themselves with the decision. Ayfer and Aydan are with other surprises in this episode.

Aydan discovers a hard truth about Eda. Alpketin had confessed earlier that there was an accident in the construction site that had caused two parents’ death. The project was under Alpketin Holding. Aydan finds about the daughter about the parents who died in the accident. Unluckily it is Eda Yildiz. Serkan and Eda are unaware of this incident.

Sen Cal Kapimi 12 Bolum

On the other hand, Ayfer doesn’t want to see Eda with Serkan because of the engagement contract. Ayfer tries consistently to send Eda to Italy away from Serkan. 

Selin was waiting for Serkan while making Ferit wait for her. Unfortunately, Serkan goes behind Eda to stop her from going to Italy. What Serkan has to say about the contract to Selin is the first question of the episode. Selin is heartbroken with the Serkan confession to Eda. And make her final words to Serkan before walking the Aisle with Ferit. 

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Selin makes her final decision about the marriage with Ferit. Ferit is left in confusion in between. Wedding day rings for both, but something is not right with the answer of Ferit. This is the second question of the episode and the surprise as well.

Serkan and Eda will go about many adventures after they start dating. And the hard truth about Eda’s Parents’ death awaits will be a hurdle between them to overcome.

Sen Cal Kapimi Episode 12 Trailers

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