Can Yaman Italy

Can Yaman Storm in Italy Ice Cream named after Can Yaman

The admiration for Can Yaman in Italy is growing with the broadcasting of the Turkish series Erkenci Kus – Early Bird. It even reached such crazy proportions that products named after the actor Can Yaman.

There are perfumes, accessories, pillows, glassware products named after the actor! The situation regarding who is known to have a large fan base in Italy, has become more and more enjoyable! Finally, they even made ice cream named after Can Yaman!

Ice Cream named after Can Yaman

The famous actor is currently taking storms on Italian television with the Erkenci Kus – Early Bird Turkish series. As such, while the number of fans is increasing, the marketing tactics of businesses using his name was on Spotlight.

The producer, who sticks the photo of Can Yaman on a honey and pistachio ice cream, is successful with his marketing.

Can Yaman transformed his body into a completely different shape with intense sports, especially before the Early Bird series and his sexy images in the series with his muscular structure made the Italian fans go crazy!

Can Yaman Italy

Currently, the actress, who starred in the Fox Turkish TV series Bay Yanli – Mr Wrong, is on the fame as the Can of Early Bird in Italy. Erkenci Kus – Early Bird series broadcasted in Canale 5 has broken the rating record in Italy.

This time it is on the Spotlight with Can Yaman ice cream. After perfume, cushion, cup and even jewellery, the final product of ‘Canmania’ named after him in Italy. Ice cream sold in the Alessandria region is a product with honey, caramelized figs and pistachio sauce.

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The creator of this ice cream is Barbara Buratto, Manuela Badino and Pupa Di Salvo, “We made it in his honor. We thought of creating a taste with Turkish charm. As Can has said, let’s eat sweet, let’s talk sweetly”, and they promote their products.

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