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Can Yaman was born on November 8, 1989, in Istanbul. Turkish TV series actor.  

Name: Can Yaman  

Date of Birth: November 8, 1989  

Place of Birth: İstanbul  

Height: 1.83 m.  

Weight: 70 kilograms  

Zodiac: Scorpio  

Eye Color: Brown  

Hair Color: Dark Brown  

Mother: Güldem Yaman  

Father: Güven Yaman  

Siblings: One child  


Pets: He has a dog.

Can Yaman Religion and Family

Can Yaman is originally Yugoslavian and the single child of his family. He is also the nephew of the football player and coach Fuat Yaman. “My paternal side is a Yugoslav immigrant, my grandmother is Macedonian, and my grandfather is from Skopje Pristina. They speak Albanian among themselves but have never taught us. My whole father’s side is blond and blue-eyed, but my dad has brown and hazel eyes. My mother’s side is a bit scattered about the places where they live. We do not have many maternal relatives in Istanbul. The whole family lives abroad. “

Can yaman religion and family
Can Yaman

Childhood years: He grew up in a caring and happy family. “My parents separated when I was five years old, but I grew up without ever feeling that they were separate. That’s why I was raised lovingly. I was a child who was always noticed for my happiness. My mother is a very disciplined person. My father has a more comfortable structure.

Education life: He graduated from Italian High School in the first place. He graduated from Yeditepe University Faculty of Law. He received acting training from Cüneyt Sayıl.  

How did he start acting? He graduated from the university with honors in 2012. After Graduation, he worked as a lawyer for six months in a world-renowned corporate firm called PriceWaterhouseCoopers for a one-year mandatory internship. He took acting lessons as a hobby. “While going to college, there were those who said ‘Why do you study law, be an actor.’ While working as a lawyer, the number of people who said, why are you acting as a lawyer, increased. After I became a lawyer, I also became an actor. This is my story. Since I am open to innovations, it was not difficult for me to make a decision. The acting was more enjoyable than acting as a lawyer. After meeting İlker Bilgi and Cüneyt Sayıl, I found myself in the TV series ‘Gönül İşleri’. “

The first step to acting: Debuted his television adventure with the character Bedir Kocadağ,’ which he played in the Turkish series ‘Gönül İşleri’ in 2014.  

With which project did he shine? He drew attention to the character of ‘Yalın Aras,’ which he portrayed in the Turkish series ‘İnadına Aşk.’

Can Yaman Personal Details

Personality traits: Stubborn, determined, mentally resilient. “I have Albanian veins from my father’s side. I am calm, and I approach things with humor. At the same time, I am a hardworking person who knows my responsibilities. Although I was raised lovingly, I have never been spoiled. When I start a job, I take it seriously and improve myself until the end, and I continue to work until I get very good.  

Social: He also loves chatting, so he prefers places to chat while going out at night.

Mindset: It nurtures its soul by creating spaces for itself to listen to itself. “We are always doing a job that shapes our emotions. On the same day, we may need to shoot scenes with many emotions. This can cause fatigue in your inner world. That’s why I create quiet and lonely moments for myself from time to time. This sounds good to me the most. I want my private life to stay with me. However, I don’t put much effort into secrecy. It is not something I would prefer to create advertising material from the partnerships and deform the relationships. “

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What kind of person is he on set? He knows when he works 17 hours on set with 3 hours of sleep, and he doesn’t complain about it. He loves what he does. “For me, peace and high energy are very important in the set. As a result, we are like a family, a team we are together for 15 to 16 hours a day, there may be unpleasant moments, there may be tense moments, everyone has peace, their faces are smiling, the team works with high energy. very important.”

Can Yamn Series
Can Yaman

The person he admires : He admires Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ. “They tell me ‘He compares himself to Kıvanç.’ I pass Kıvanç brother. I am sick. I watch your every work. I take a great example. I love it very much. I cannot compare myself with Kıvanç brother.”  

The look of love: “When I am in love, I do not experience anything superficially, and I make the other party feel the reality of what I am experiencing. I think this is the feature of my zodiac sign (I am a scorpion.) I feel jealous from time to time, like everyone else: both sadness and other negative feelings. Then I say I’m not like that, the more I catch myself with these feelings. “

View of life: It does not have a structure that includes negative feelings such as hopelessness and pessimism. He also sees himself with a bit of enchantment and believes that the things he started will not end badly. “If nothing happens, I always say it’s because it will be better. I do not prefer to be a tabloid. I think it should deserve to work hard and have fun. If I am not working, I am having fun. I am discharging, distracting, collecting energy. I love nice chat, laughter, chat with my friends and family. There is a production that makes a lot of observations. This is how I feed myself. I already do things that all of us do, like watching movies, reading, listening to music. I am not a habitual person. If I realize that something is making a habit for me, I get away from it. People have certain periods; I am a man who shaped and disciplined himself according to those times. I can change myself 180 degrees and draw plans and shapes according to the target. “

His attitude to business life: He thinks that his job requires getting used to different roles and images. “Our job is to change and get used to it. To wear and feel different identities. I volunteered for such a change and image. In the projects, accessories, hair, beard, tattoos were all my ideas. I convinced my team and my director and started to work in this direction. Someone did not force me. I have always been careful to appear before the audience with a different image in all my roles. In this sense, I have always refused to go easy and repeat myself. I have given all the roles I have played until today and have done well with each role. From now on, my goal is not to disappoint trust. If possible, I have goals such as taking part in international projects abroad, in Bollywood, in Hollywood. “

Can Yaman Career, Role Model, and Hobbies

Career plan: He carefully considers all the offers since Gönül İşleri, along with his managers, mom, and dad. “In choosing a project, both the character you will animate in the series and the subject and language of the series is very effective in decision-making. One of the biggest reasons we prefer ‘Early Bird’ is that I trust the script and the team I will work with. For five projects, I always appear before the audience with a completely different image and character. I am happy. They are all loved very much. I want to make a movie too. There are many offers from both domestic and abroad. But to make movies, you need a block of time. Since I have not been able to catch such a gap for four years, we cannot evaluate the offers for now. But I want to be on the big screen too. “

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Future dream: There are too many names that you want to work in Turkey and abroad. “The best movies of the best directors in the world were often their first movies. Perhaps this may be because they work very selflessly, very carefully, and with great enthusiasm to bring out something very valuable at the beginning of their profession. I can also be in someone’s movie for the first time. “

Role Model: He loves Brad Pitt as an actor. He’s watched all his movies and gets inspired from time to time. He also loves Christian Bale’s physical change in every movie. “I also really like Mel Gibson’s acting. I especially follow the projects of these three names. Among the athletes, I can count Michael Jordan in basketball, Cristiano Ronaldo in hard work, and Anthony Joshua in boxing.

The criterion for attractiveness in women: He loves women who have talismans, unique and elegant. “The concept that the world has stenciled as ‘beautiful woman’ does not apply to me either. I am impressed by women who have a worldview, have knowledge and ideas, and have the spirit to make a difference in their place. Compassionate, smiling, humorous women attract my attention. But it is necessary to stay a lady while joking. It should be chirpy, temperate, expression, aura, energy, smell, and voice tone. At the same time, the person in my life should turn me into my best self.”

Can Yaman Girlfriends
Can Yaman

How does he keep his shape? From a child’s age, he is interested in many sports and at the same time he has a healthy diet. “I can’t imagine a life without sports. I am especially fond of nature sports. I will not give a specific nutritional tip because I have never applied a diet so many grams of meat so many grams of carbohydrates. There is a production that loves home cooking and generally has a healthy diet. I can only say that whatever I eat should suit my taste. Its oil should be salt flavor. I’m not particularly eager to consume something tasteless even though it is very useful.

What does he not tolerate? He cannot tolerate those who do annoying acts, people who behave arrogantly and indecently. “What I’ve been most annoyed about lately is that when I’m at a crowded table or setting, people are checking their phones.”

Relationship with nature: When he goes to a different city or country, he misses the Bosphorus view most of Istanbul. He’s also a true animal lover and loves to feed street animals. “To have a happy time, even sitting in front of a beautiful view in Istanbul, is sometimes sufficient. I enjoy the most to do in Istanbul; Chatting with my dear friends at a nice table across the Bosphorus. “

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What does he do at home? He reads books about acting and watches foreign movies. In his spare time, he prefers to have fun as he thinks it should be discharged. He’s good with the kitchen, he prepares very good appetizers and loves to cook. His best food is stuffed grape leaves. “

Which movie was he affected by? He can watch ‘Fight Club movies over and over again. “‘Edward Norton’ and ‘Brad Pitt’ are both valuable actors, but Brad Pitt is so different. I admire and love each of his movies. I. Ially likes Edward Norton’s performance in American History. But even though ‘Fight Club’ is a very good movie and is a great direction, I think Brad Pitas took the movie to a very different dimension. Maybe he might not have even been this popular if he hadn’t played.”  

Favorite feature? He’s not gossiping. “This may seem trivial to most people, but this is my favorite feature of my character.”

Can Yaman Relationships, Series, and Awards

Can Yaman Relationship: Can and Diletta are strongly in love. On Valentine’s Day, the new couple revealed their new love nearby the sea as they embraced each other. Turkish actor Can Yaman shared a photo with his 8.1 million followers on Instagram as he loved his new girlfriend, Italian presenter Diletta Leotta.  

Can Yaman and Diletta
Can Yaman and Diletta


2014/2015-Gönül İşleri /Bedir Kocadağ  

2015/2016-İnadına Aşk /Yalın Aras  

2016/2017-Hangimiz Sevmedik /Tarık Çam  

2017 -Dolunay / Ferit Aslan  

2018/2019 –Erkenci Kuş /Can Divit  

2020 -Bay Yanlış /Özgür Atasoy


2017 -Çekmeköy 2023 Magazine 2nd Social Awareness Awards / Best Male TV Series Player of the Year / Which of Us Didn’t Love  

2018 -Istanbul Fashion Guide 2018 / The Most Stylish Male Actor of the Year  

2018- Media and Art Awards / Best Series Couple (with Demet Özdemir) / Early Bird  

2018- 45th Pantene Golden Butterfly Awards / Best Romantic Comedy Actor  

2018- Unimpeded Life Foundation 9th Year Award Ceremony / The Most Romantic Series of the Year Couple (with Demet Özdemir)  

2018- GQ MOTY by Clear

2018 / Rising Player of the Year  

2019 -MEF High School Year’s Changemaking Awards / Changemakers Award  

2019- Murex D’or Award Ceremony / Best International Actor  

2019- 19th Internet Media Best of the Year Award Ceremony / Best Screen Duo of the Year (with Demet Özdemir)  

2019- 5. Turkey Youth Award / Best Actor  

2019- 10th Quality of Magazine Magazine Awards / Best Quality Actor  

2019- E! News TV’s Top Leading Man 2019 / Best Actor  

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