Sen cal Kapimi 10 Bolum

Sen Cal Kapimi Episode 10 English Subtitles Explained You Knock On My Door

Turkish Series Sen cal Kapimi – You knock on my door starring Hande Ercel and Kerem Bursin has become the most awaited Series of the week. Viewers are excited about each episode. While there are significant improvements in the Series, Series is with one week challenge of Marriage. The audience has also started counting the days.

Sen Cal Kapimi Episode 10 English Subtitles

Turkish Series Sen Cal Kapimi – You Knock My Door Episode 9 ended with announcement of marriage from Selin and Ferit to Serkan and Eda. 

In sen Cal Kapimi episode 10, After hearing the marriage decision from Selin and Ferit, Serkan Loses his temper. Eda asks Serkan what does he want from her in this last week of the contract. Serkan tells Eda that she has to convince Selin while he eliminating Ferit from Selin’s life and Holding. Eda is disappointed by the news as well.

A vital conversation happens between Serkan and Engin. Serkan confesses about the contract between him and Eda. Engin tries convincing Serkan about his feelings towards Eda. Serkan understands Eda wants to get rid of him as soon as possible. Engin tells Serkan about Eda’s feelings for Serkan, seen through her eyes. Serkan convinces himself and Engin by telling Eda looks at everyone with the same emotional feelings. Engin asks about Serkan’s feelings about Eda. And advise him to be true to himself at least. 

Eda to separate Selin and Ferit comes with marriage lie. Serkan and Eda fake the marriage preparation and get involved with each other even deep. Serkan is confused between Eda and Selin. He wants to win back Selin because of his pride, and he does not want to let go of Eda. Amid, Serkan asks a personal question to Eda, and they exchange a warm hug in return. What the question is the first suspense of this episode. 

Sen cal Kapimi 10 Bolum

On the other hand, Ayden convenience Selin about Serkan telling Serkan is the right life partner. Ayfer is shocked by the Marriage announcement of Eda and Serkan. Selin finally confesses to Serkan about her feeling to him. Selin asks Serkan if there is the slightest possibility of being together with each other, she will end her marriage decision with Ferit. The answer to this question is the second surprise of the Series. 

Ferit is making his position more robust in Holding by bringing the new proposals. Also, he introduces a new partner to the company. Who is the new partner? Another question of the Series. Eda, Serkan, Selina, and Ferit organize event in Serkan’s mountain house. Selin eavesdrop Serkan and Eda’s conversation.

In one week, either way, the contract between Serkan and Eda will end. Selin will get married, or she will end up beside Serkan. Let’s watch what new suspense and surprise does the episode has for the viewers.

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