Yargi Episode 64 English Subtitles Season 3

Yargi Episode 64 English Subtitles Season 3

The Yargi series, starring Pınar Deniz and Kaan Urgancıoğlu, will start the new season with the showdown between Ceylin and Ilgaz.

This showdown will burn the hearts of those watching the screen.

Yargi Episode 64 English Subtitles

Ceylin, who was miraculously saved from the bottomless pit she fell into during Ilgaz’s absence, but whose anger burns in her heart.

Ilgaz, who tries to calm her loved one who was caught in the storm in her arms, and moreover, learns of a sweet surprise that this great love has brought to them.

While life throws them with the waves in a sea they never know, time is in their souls. It gave completely different shapes.

Now, a new miracle is required to close the distance between them. However, in the meantime, life has prepared new surprises for everyone.

Yekta Tilmen, who once again blew like a storm as Istanbul’s most successful lawyer, but made the darkness behind him even bigger; Osman, who took advantage of the opportunities and introduced his family to a completely different life, Aylin, who is not even aware of what kind of bomb they are sitting on.

Gül and Metin, who are tested with even deeper pain while trying to repair their worn-out souls. Çınar, Parla and Tuğçe, who stumble more than they expected while taking rapid steps towards adulthood.

New cases come with new faces in the courthouse and the ones found at the end of the day are again Two bodies that bring everyone together.

A new era has begun where enmities will turn into friendships, love will turn into hate, and uncertainties will be revealed.

The trailer of the 3rd season of the TV series “Yargi,” where we heard the words “I looked for your scent everywhere,” also attracted great attention.

The emotional moments between Ilgaz and Ceylin in the first trailer released from the new season will bring the audience to tears.

Yargi Episode 64 English Subtitles Season 3

Ceylin was shocked when she saw Ilgaz, whom she buried in the second season finale. The new season opens with this shock, and Ceylin reacts angrily to Ilgaz for the great pain she has experienced. 

Ilgaz, on the other hand, is crushed by the magnitude of the pain experienced by the woman he loves more than his life and tries to console Ceylin.

Yargi Episode 64 Release Date

The highly anticipated third season of Kanal D’s TV series, Yargi, produced by Ay Yapım, starts on September 24. 

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