Dilek Tasi Episode 2 English Subtitles Update Wishing

Dilek Tasi Episode 2 English Subtitles Update Wishing Stone

What will happen in the new episode of Dilek Tasi? What is the subject of the TV series? When and on what day is the latest episode aired?

Dilek Tasi Episode 2 English Subtitles

The September 12, 1980 coup took place, and martial law was declared in the country.

Mustafa is going to be executed step by step. Cemre hears from the Ronas that there may be news of her father’s death.

The little girl in pain was left in tears. Sinan, the younger son of the Ronas, is very upset about Cemre’s situation. A big rebellion breaks out in the prison.

The prison administration suppresses this rebellion very harshly. It was decided to deport the prisoners who rebelled to Diyarbakır.

Their executions will also take place there. As a result of the fight that broke out during transportation, the ring vehicle had a major accident.

Mustafa and many prisoners escape. The news of Mustafa’s escape hit the Rona mansion like a bomb.

Meanwhile, Figen’s prison visit was heard in the mansion, and everything became complicated.

Dilek Tasi Episode 2 Release Date

Thursday, September 14, 20:00 | Episode 2

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