Uc Kiz Kardesi Episode 57 Season 3 English Subtitles

On which day and on which channel is Uc Kiz Kardesi? Who are the actors? What is season 3 of Uc Kiz Kardesi about?

Uc Kiz Kardesi Episode 57 English Subtitles

When Somer gets angry at Türkan taking Kiraz to Mine and goes to Türkan’s house to ask for an account, there is great tension between the two. 

But no matter what, a new hope for Türkan grows inside Somer. For Kartal, being around Somer is a big threat to his marriage. 

Although he tries not to make Türkan feel this, problems begin to arise in their marriage. Defne is very fond of Kartal. Türkan is stuck in the middle on this issue, too.

Serdar sees his wife, from whom he is about to break up, as Döni’s doctor. Even though she makes a great effort to keep Döner from feeling this, she has a hard time because of her ongoing marriage. 

Uc Kiz Kardesi episode 57 English subtitles

Aylin’s approach to this issue puts Serdar in an even bigger predicament. Return also begins to have difficulty hiding his illness from his father and family.

Mustafa is undecided about moving to the Kormanlar mansion. He doesn’t want to leave his mother. 

However, for Derya, this is an opportunity. He does his best to convince Mustafa of this. This causes a new crisis between him and Sevilay.

Rüçhan, on the other hand, continues to encourage his son to reunite Somer and Türkan. He tries to dispel Kartal’s suspicions by saying that Türkan still loves Somer. 

But later, when Rüçhan goes to Türkan’s house, she faces the terrible truth. He takes action immediately. Kartal also makes a decision to save his marriage and not lose Türkan.

Uc Kiz Kardesi Episode 57 Release Date

New episode date: Octoberber 10th

Day and time: Tuesday 20:00 

New episode number: 57

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