Gizli Sakli 6 Bolum

Gizli Sakli Episode 6 English subtitles Release Date Changed Hidden Secret  

Gizli Sakli (Hidden Secret) Turkish Series Episode 6 Starring Halit Özgür Sarı and Sinem Ünsal, releases on July 20, 2022 at 20:00 on Fox Tv in Turkey.

Gizli Sakli Episode 6 English subtitles

With the Fox TV series Gizli Sakli, renowned actor Halit Ozgür Sari made a comeback to the big screen. In accordance with the plot, the actor portrays Pamir and Levent alongside Sinem Ünsal.

There is sad news for the audience who are waiting to watch 6th episode this week. The audience has to wait one more week to watch their favourite show. Due to a festival in Turkey, the show has been cancelled this wednesday on July 13th as most of the Turkish people will be busy celebrating the festival. The new Episode will be released on July 20th.

Halit Ozgür Sari responded to a fan’s question on Onedio’s YouTube page by asking, “Is it Pamir or Levent?” He responded to the query as follows: “Pamir, in my opinion, exudes more charisma. Levent is not the same individual.”

Gizli Sakli 6 Bolum

Halit Ozgür Sari claimed that his limitless energy is the quality he values most about himself and that others share this opinion. The actor admitted that he envies people who can wake up right away since he dislikes not being able to get up and wants to sleep.

Halit Ozgür SarI also mentioned how much he enjoys watching TikTok videos. The actor added that the set did not make him feel like a stranger, did not treat him like a guest, and had a comfortable framework.

The actor mentioned that a 15-year-old child approached him and asked, “Can I touch you?” He claimed that he did not know what to answer at the time and thought it quite unusual.

Halit Ozgür Sari, who was open about his use of language, declined to provide an explanation when asked about his most recent pink lie.

The actor replied, “You make me happy, then I get spoiled by saying such things,” in response to his fans’ comments.

Halit Ozgür Sari stated that he enjoys the nickname “wolf-eyed” on social media and found this definition quite amusing.

Gizli Sakli 6 Bolum

The actor added that he occasionally writes a line from a screenplay in his head to utilise in real life and that he applies some scenarios from his personal experiences to the character in the show.

Explaining that he has a great passion for cinema, Halit Özgür Sarı said that he spends his day watching a movie whenever he is available. The actor said, “I am good with cinema. He spends every day watching at least one movie. On days when we are very busy, I divide a movie into days. Even if it’s too late at night, it doesn’t matter what time I go home. “I can’t sleep without watching something,” he said.

With these words expressing that cinema has a great place in his life, Halit Özgür Sarı also stated that he watched the last Batman movie. Mentioning that he watched all the series of Batman, the actor also stated that he found the movie very high quality.

Explaining that the next actors could not reach the level of Christian Bale, the famous actor who took part in 3 productions in the Batman movie series, Halit Özgür Sarı said, “The last time I watched Batman, I liked it very much. I have watched almost all the series. The movie was very good, very good. The cinematography was very strong, the colors and the world created were very special.”

Gizli Sakli Episode 6 Trailers

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Gizli Sakli Episode 6 Release Date

The sixth episode of the Turkish series Gizli Sakli (Hidden Secret), starring Halit Ozgür Sari and Sinem Ünsal, will air on Fox Tv in Turkey on July 20, 2022 at 20:00.

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