Teskilat 45 bolum

Teskilat Episode 45 Release Date is Changed The Organization

The information that a new episode of the Teşkilat series will be broadcast on TRT1 on Sunday, May 1, has been changed.

In total, 44 episodes of the Teşkilat series have aired. The 45th episode was supposed to air this week, however the decision was changed, and it was rescheduled for the following week. The series’ latest episode, starring Deniz Baysal and Alar Erturul, will be action-packed once more.

Teskilat Episode 45 Release Date

The 45th episode of the Teşkilat television series, which airs on TRT1 on Sunday evenings, has been postponed till next week. According to reports, the 45th new episode will premiere on May 8 due to a last-minute update.

Teskilat 45 bolum

The end of the road is approaching for Yildirim in the new episode, thanks to the game Halit has set up. Will the character of Yiiildrm, played by Gürkan Uygun, also say his farewell to the story?

Teskilat actor to bid farewell

The fate of Gürkan Uygun, who appears in the story as the series’ villain at the start of the second season, is awaited with great anticipation. Mesut Akusta, who played Mete President, and Ezgi Eyüboglu, who played Ceren, both expressed their farewell to the series. Will Gürkan Uygun join these farewells as the second season draws to a close?

So, what can we expect on the 45th episode? With its remarkable story, action-packed sequences, and superb production, ‘The Organization,’ whose new episode is widely awaited, continues to build a reputation for itself. The following is a synopsis of what will occur in the 45th episode of the series.

Teskilat Episode 45

Serdar and Halit have finally detained Yildirim, whom they had been chasing for quite some time. Yildirim tries to confuse Serdar about his father while Halit confronts him.

On the other hand, the team is working on decrypting the files Serdar stole from Yildirim’s phone. The threat to the defense sector and the Istiklal project remains, according to the dates on the phone.

Teskilat 45 bolum

The team follows the targets selected to prevent these attacks while Serdar and Halit President strive to bring Yildirim to Turkey. The French intelligence goes after Serdar and Halit thanks to the intervention of one of the Company’s most significant individuals.

However, Yildirim’s journey has come to an end owing to the game Halit made. The ‘die before they die’ are ready to suffer their first loss as the team seeks to neutralize the threat.

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