Yargi 31 bolum

Yargi Episode 31 Release Date is Changed The Judgement

Since the day it first aired, the series Yargi has been watched with great excitement. In the series, where different possibilities occur every week, the tempo does not decline!

The tale goes above expectations and continues to amaze the viewers with each episode, thanks to screenwriter Sema Ergenekon’s powerful pen.

Yargi Episode 31 Release Date

The Yargi series will not be televised this week because it is a holiday week. So viewers anxiously waiting for the new episode will have to wait another week!

On the evening of May 8, Kanal D’s series Judgment, which has made its stamp on the season, will air its 31st episode.

Meanwhile, a trailer for the latest episode of the series has been released, which will leave viewers guessing. Following this clip in which Ilgaz and Ceylin conversed, it appears that Ceylin’s situation will get worse!

Yargi Episode 31

Because, despite Ilgaz’s attitude, Ceylin did not stop criticizing him, despite the fact that he decided to be with Ceylin by leaving his family behind.

The two’s friendship is rekindled as a result of this event! Ceylin was driven insane by the assumption that Pars and Eren knew an eyewitness to Zafer’s murder and that this person had even killed Zafer.

Ceylin also blamed Ilgaz in their house, where she went angrily, believing Eren and Pars were purposefully writing a fresh script to save Cinar.

Yargi 31 bolum

Ilgaz walked away by leaving the key on the table in the face of Ceylin’s attitude. This is the continuation of the scene that first appeared in the trailer.

While Ilgaz informs Ceylin that the fire inside her would burn them both no matter what he does, Ceylin bursts into tears and says, “Let’s get divorced.”

Ceylin’s life will get much tougher when she pushes Ilgaz away at a critical moment in her life! Six months later, the series’ final episode aired.

Eren was knocking the door down and arresting Ceylin, who was covered in blood and holding a bloodied knife in her hand.

Yargi 31 bolum

Ceylin appears to be on a quest to unravel the wires altogether! Apart from the pain, she has been through, her breakup with Ilgaz will open up new doors for her!

Ceylin’s impulsive behavior and incapacity to think logically imply that she will have many troubles!

Ilgaz’s heartbreaking words, “I love you like crazy, but I can’t stay…” in tears is heartbreaking in the new episode of the series starring Pinar Deniz and Kaan Urgancioglu, while Ceylin’s divorce choice will mark the new episode of the series.

Yargi 31 Cast

Important names such as Kaan Urgancıoğlu, Pınar Deniz, Hüseyin Avni Danyal, Uğur Polat, Cezmi Baskin, Mehmet Yılmaz Ak, Zeyno Eracar, Uğur Aslan, Arda Anarat, Şükran Ovalı are in the staff of ‘Judgment’, where Sema Ergenekon’s pen meets with Ali Bilgin’s director. exists.

‘Yargi’ is on Kanal D with its new episode on Sunday, May 08 at 20:00.

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