Sevmek Zamani English Subtitles

Sevmek Zamani Story Cast And Release Date Time To Love

Sevmek Zamani, produced by Process Film, produced by Ali Gündoğdu-İsmail Gündoğdu, is a love story that will leave its mark on the summer screen and will meet with the audience on Mondays on the ATV screen.

A man and a woman unexpectedly cross paths in “Sevmek Zamani,” which piques attention and provides hints from its original plot with its introductions. It is an impossible love story, and the various worlds our heroes unavoidably come from will become a battleground.

Sevmek Zamani (Time to Love) Story

The love story of Firuze (Deniz Işın) and Kağan (İlhan Şen), which started with a coincidence; will resist emerging realities and obstacles.

Kaan and Firuze, two lovers whose lives significantly shift in a single day, will be the series’ main characters. A modern-day Cinderella is Firuze. She is a young woman who is working and studying, and she is smart and determined.

Sevmek Zamani English Subtitles

She had a challenging childhood and now lives quietly with her brothers and Muhsin Baba, who adopted her. Prior to meeting Kagan. A simple love story that sounds like the name’s initials embroidered on a handkerchief evolves into a tornado that carries away all of her loved ones.

She starts to float away from her safe environment, where the men in her family who loved and cared for her were all around her, towards the gloomy cosmos of Kagan.

Sevmek Zamani (Time to Love) Cast

Young stars Deniz Işın and İlhan Şen portray the young lovers Firuze and Kağan of Sevmek Zamanı; Names such as Toprak Can Adıgüzel, Serenay Aktaş, Çağdaş Onur Öztürk and Nimet Iyigun will give life to the characters whose stories the audience will watch with interest.

Sevmek Zamani English Subtitles

Yıldız Hülya Bilban-Ömer Aydın is the director of the series, which will leave its mark on Monday evenings, while Yıldız Hülya Bilban-Ömer Aydın is in the general story, Nalan Merter Savaş is in the script, and Cem Öget is in the music.

Firuze (Deniz Isin)

Sevmek Zamani English Subtitles

Feryat’s brother, Ömer’s older sister, and Mehmet’s friend, Firuze, is Muhsin’s adopted daughter. She is hardworking, successful, and well-intentioned with all her innocence.

The only thing missing and the thing she is most curious about in life is to fall in love. She finds her love in the flapping of wings of seagulls on a ferry ride.


Sevmek Zamani English Subtitles

Kağan is the hero of this love story who rebelled against unhappiness. It is the same thing for a thirsty person to drink water in the heart of Firuze, following the sky in her eyes. The love that entered his life with Firuze makes him a stronger man.


Sevmek Zamani English Subtitles

Some are born heroes, regardless of where or how they were born. Some don’t need a reason to love. Some people can’t help but take responsibility. Feryat is a literature teacher at a public school. He is the older brother of Firuze and Ömer.


Sevmek Zamani English Subtitles

A young and powerful businessman, however, She lives in deep fear of loss, which makes her very unhappy. While glorifying her own love, She doesn’t realize that a man who doesn’t love her is the guardian of her captivity. Leyla is one of those who know how to have but don’t know how to give up.


Sevmek Zamani English Subtitles

He is the one that fuels the fire of the impossibility of the love story. He realizes what he cannot have. He’s a glamorous and funny demon touting at the gates of hell. It’s not even a job to get caught in his passion and walk through that door.

Sevmek Zamani (Time to Love) Release Date

ATV’s new series ‘Sevmek Zamanı’, produced by Process Film and produced by Ali Gündoğdu-İsmail Gündoğdu, is on the screen on 20th June 2022, with its first episode on ATV in Turkey

Sevmek Zamani (Time to Love) Teasers English Subtitles

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