Sevmek Zamani 1 bolum

Sevmek Zamani Episode 1 English Subtitles Explained Time To Love

Sevmek Zamani Episode 1 starring Deniz Işın, İlhan Şen, Toprak Can Adıgüzel, Serenay Aktaş, Çağdaş Onur Öztürk and Nimet Iyigun releases on June 20, 2022, on ATV at 20:00 in Turkey.

Sevmek Zamani (Time To Love) Episode 1 English Subtitle

Determined and successful university student Firuze’s life suddenly changes when she meets a mysterious man on the ferry.

While Firuze finds herself the hero of a full-blown love story, her family’s past reappears years later. While the pure and passionate love she lived was her only shelter from the truth that upset her,

Sevmek Zamani 1 bolum

Firuze is unaware of the big secret of the man she fell in love with. When this secret comes to light, no one’s life will be the same as before. Firuze’s test will actually begin after that.

Sevmek Zamani (Time To Love) Episode 1 Trailer 1 English Subtitle

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I have an older brother,


Mehmet, and our friend Ömer, whom I love as much as my brother

Hmm Our


Your mother, your father…

Everyone’s eyes are on us these days. The

past is not something that can be hidden.

Who killed it, mother!

Don’t do it bro, stop!


It’s my pleasure…

Sevmek Zamani 1 bolum

Let me introduce you to Kaan. I

don’t want any secrets. You

can be inside or outside the circle…

There is risk in every job involving people.

I told you I won’t go on like this anymore.

Time to Love starts on Monday, June 20th on ATV!

Sevmek Zamani (Time To Love) Episode 1 Release Date

On June 20, 2022, at 20:00 in Turkey, Sevmek Zamani Episode 1 starring Deniz Işn, Lhan En, Toprak Can Adgüzel, Serenay Aktaş, Adaş Onur Ztürk, and Nimet Iyigun premieres on ATV.

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