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Salon Zahra Ending Episode Free Update صالون زهرة الحلقة

Zahra’s beauty salon is a safe haven for women seeking pampering or refuge. Zahra and a young man’s paths and hearts will be crossed by a clumsy act. 

Salon Zahra staring Lebanese artist Nadine Nassib Njeim and Syrian artist Moatasem Al-Nahar is one of the most famous Arab series, with extremely high viewership.

There are dozens of series available on Arab, Syrian, and Lebanese networks. Still, the Salon Zahra series is the most popular, with people all over the world eagerly expecting the final episode.

On August 19, the Arab series Salon Zahra was shown on social media platforms and the Shahid Net platform for the first time. The show features romantic, funny, action, and thrilling moments. The series drew audiences from the Arab world, mainly Lebanese and Syrians.

Following the success of their previous project, the Salon Zahra series is the second collaboration between Nadine Nassib Njeim and Moatam Al-Nahar. They were the winners of the series “Five and a Text,” which aired during Ramadan 2019. In addition, at the Arab Satellite TV Festival, a series starring Qusai Khouli, Rafeeq Ali Ahmed, Neama Badawi, and Nawal Kamel won the Best Actor and Actress Award based on audience votes.

Salon Zahra Final Episode Ending Explained Season 1

The Final Episode of the Lebanese series “Salon Zahra” witnessed a happy ending with the marriage of Zahra and Anar. 

The love of Anas (Mutasem Al-Nahar) and Zahra was presented in the final three episodes of “Salon Zahra” (Nadine Nassib Njeim). Anas finally expressed his love for Zahra despite her reluctance to marry after a terrible experience 17 years ago.

Zahra was raped and, as a result, gave birth to her daughter Laila 17 years ago. Zahra allows Anas to heal her from terrible psychological effects and provide her daughter with a sense of identity in the world so that she is not rejected.

The kidnapping of Anas by the Zafer gang, who smuggled money to Beirut, worsened the events of Episode 14 due to Anas’ inability to return the smuggled money placed under the bottom of the Zahra salon chair. As a result, the mafia group came to burn the salon in order to recover the money, but they were unsuccessful.

Zahra is doubtful of the girls who work in the salon with her because they defend themselves against a charge of theft, but she fails to notice the thief of the money from the chair.

Salon Zahra

At the start of episode 15, Ibtisam reveals to Zahra that she was the one who took the $500 thousand for her desire to travel to her son, who immigrated to Australia to secure her life. Still, remorse prompts her to call Zahra to come to take the money and free Anas from the mafia gang, which she does, but her heart tells her to abandon him.

Anas (Mutasem Al-Nahar) arrives on a truck with a microphone at the end of Episode 15 and calls Zahra (Nadine Njeim), confessing his love for her and proposes marriage. Anas admits that he will only leave after he receives a response from Zahra. Anas apologises for what he did, then repeats his marriage proposal to her. Finally, Zahra accepts and wears the white gown that complements Nadine’s beauty and slim figure, bringing “Salon Zahra” to a finale.

Nadine Njeim, Moatasem Al-Nahar, Tony Issa, Carol Abboud, Lynn Gaza, Rasha Bilal, Anju Rihan, Zina Makki, Nahla Aqel Daoud, Fadi Abi Samra, Ali Sukar, and Sadiq feature in the series “Salon Zahra,” directed by Joe Bouaid and written by Nadine Jaber.

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