Salon zahra season 2

Salon Zahra Season 2 Story Release Date Cast صالون زهرة الحلقة

The beginning of Anas and Zahra’s married life is happy, but the envious and resentful people surrounding them will do anything to separate them.

On social media, Anas dialogue is already trending. Crazy baby, crazy.”

Salon Zahra season 2 Story

The events start with the expansion of Zahra’s activity, as she announces opening the men’s barbershop “Moss and Shafra,” after the living conditions have become very difficult. Anas opens a café to serve “shisha” frequented by women, which causes disputes and jealousy between the couple as he stands in front of the new Zahra salon. 

A column of men eagerly awaits their turn, while Zahra uses “Ziko and Fadi” to help her, who are implicating her in big problems and intractable matters. During the preparations for the opening of the salon, she discovers that the contraband gang has returned to the circle around Anas to implicate him again, but he categorically refuses after he makes a promise to Zahra to stay away from illegal acts.

Salon zahra season 2

On the other hand, Hanadi receives the epic and runs it in her way under the care of neighbor Abdullah. After Samir travels, he sends his cousin Munir to his place and becomes an assistant to Anas, who gets Anas into many problems for money. Since the first episode, we discover that Someone is chasing Zahra, and he looks like a ghost that disappears and suddenly appears.

During the events, a bus arrives from Syria with Anas’s mother, aunt, and relatives, who come for sudden family visit, but at an inappropriate time for everyone. Moreover, the presence of Anas and his female relatives will make the situation more difficult, especially since the three women do not know much about the details of Anas and Zahra’s life, which causes many embarrassing and funny problems at the same time.

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Salon Zahra Season 2 Release Date

Salon Zahra season 2, starring Nadine Nassib Njeim and Mutasem Al-Nahar, releases on November 10th, 2022 Thursday, on the Shahid platform. Season 2 is written by Claudia Marchelian and directed by Joe Bou Eid. 

Salon Zahra Season 2 Cast

Salon Zahra includes along with Nadine Nassib Njeim, Moatasem Al-Nahar, Fadi Abi Samra, Junaid Zeineddine, Nahla Daoud, Carol Abboud, Zina Makki, Lyn Ghorra, Anju Reagan, Hussein Moghadam, Abdel Rahman Koueider, with the participation of Nicola Daniel. , Nawal Kamel, Magdy Machmouchi, Nazim Issa, Marinel Sarkis, George Diab, Omar Mikati, Hisham Abu Suleiman, Douri Al-Samrani.

Special appearances for each of the talented actresses Samia Jazairi, Hoda Shaarawy, and Wafaa Moussalli.

Salon Zahra Season 2

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