Kendin Dusen Aglamaz Episode 16 English Subtitles

What will happen in the new episode of Kendin Dusen Aglamaz? What is the subject of the series? When and on what day is the new episode aired?

Kendin Dusen Aglamaz Epiode 16 English Subtitles

Serkan and Alize have a wonderful wedding waiting for them. They will dance their first dance in the presence of all their loved ones and turn their marriage, which started with a game, into reality.

While Serkan was about to say hello to the first day of his new life with his groom’s suit on, he got a bad surprise.

Alize, who set the hour of revenge, drops such a bomb right in the middle of the wedding, in her happiest moments, that it causes an outrage.

Alize, who left Serkan in front of everyone, announces that they will divorce minutes later, as if this was not enough.

Kendin Dusen Aglamaz Epiode 16 English Subtitles

Serkan, who experiences shock after shock, finds himself in front of the judge. Divorcing Serkan is not easy at all.

Now Alize has a husband in her life who will destroy her, the Darıca family whose reactions increase like an avalanche, and a father who is mad with anger.

Alize’s eyes are blind because of stubbornness, It was as if his ears were deaf. According to her, there must be a price for doing things behind her father and husband’s back, but Alize will be the one who pays the price for this game.

Serkan, on the other hand, is planning to make this life difficult for Alize, as if he were under oath.

Kendin Dusen Aglamaz Epiode 16 Release Date

Thursday, October 5 20:00 | Episode 16

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