Bambaska Biri Episode 10 English Subtitles Another Love

On which day and on which channel is Bambaska Biri aired? Who are the actors in the series? What is the summary of the new episode?

Bambaska Biri Episode 10 English Subtitles

For the first time, kidnapped Leyla is found so close to both the perpetrators of the investigation and her father’s murderers. 

Doğan takes the risk of revealing himself and lends a helping hand to Leyla. For the first time, Leyla is this close to victory in the case she has been trying to solve for a long time. The person who will give him the last ammunition he needs will be a name he never expected.

Torn between Nuray’s threats and her son’s impulsiveness, Şahinde mobilizes to hide her own sins. Meanwhile, the pressure from her husband’s murderers is increasing. Tahir takes action to control the chaos he is in.

Bambaska Biri Episode 10 English Subtitles

Although Doğan regains Idris’ trust, it is impossible for Idris to win him back. Tired of lack of love, Doğan makes a big move when he discovers that his family is planning against him once again. It will be up to Turan and Nevin to deal with the crisis he left behind.

Kenan decides to take a big step in his relationship with Leyla. However, he is unaware that what he will learn next will make this relationship impossible…

Note: Full Episode with English Subtitles is available on Telegram Messenger App. The App is available in the Play Store for all countries.

Bambaska Biri Episode 10 Release Date

Monday, November 13th, 20:00 | Episode 10

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