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Hazal Kaya Movie Benden Ne Olur English Free Update

Feriha Turkish Series Actress Hazal Kaya to make a come back after pregnancy with a movie. The series named Feriha Koydum, in which the famous actor did not get along with Çağatay Ulusoy had great success.

It was also known that Hazal Kaya and Çağatay Ulusoy did not get along on the set. It turned out that Hazal Kaya had great fear when starting this project. The actress, who made a significant breakthrough with the character of Nihal in the TV series Aşk-ı Memnu – Forbidden love, first rejected the series Feriha Koydum.

After rejecting the Feriha role three times, the actor accepted it after people around her pressurizing, and she signed a commercially and internationally hit series Feriha. However, Hazal Kaya announced that she experienced great fear in the first period. 

There is news that will please Hazal Kaya fans. As it is known, the famous actor was last on the screen with Fox TV’s Turkish TV series Bizim Hikaye – our story along with Burak Deniz.

Hazal Kaya new projects

The actor, who won great acclaim with the character of Filiz in Bizim Hikaye, which is the domestic version of the Shameless series, will be on the big screen this time with a movie.

The actress learned that she was pregnant towards the finale of Bizim Hikaye. Hazal Kaya, who was married to Actor-Director Ali Atay, took her son Fikret Ali in her arms in November 2019.

The name that will play the leading role in the movie is Hazal Kaya. Hazal Kaya also shared a post after this news came. Fans are waiting to see her on-screen. Hazal has made her come back after pregnancy with a movie. According to journalist Birsen Altuntaş’s, famous Turkish novel “Benden ne olur – What will happen to me” written by Aslı Kızmaz will be adopted as a movie.

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Hazal Kaya will star in a film.   Hazal Kaya was upset that she missed the role, but was delighted with a surprise! Medyapım made, one of the important companies of the sector with its television series and cinema projects, is starting a new project. According to the announcement made on Medyapım’s social media accounts, Aslı Kızmaz’s book titled “Benden ne olur – What will happen to me ” will be a movie.  

The famous actress wanted to portray the Sertab character of the book. However, because she was pregnant, someone else’s name was on the agenda. Hazal Kaya was very upset about this situation, but the film was postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic. Now Hazal Kaya is in the leading role.    Hazal Kaya posted her photo with Aslı Kızmaz (Author) on her Instagram account. The actor also put into words how happy she is.

Hazal Kaya wrote: The two women you in the photograph shared this photo for months and went mad to make the following explanation, Aslı said, ‘Let me read the book’, I was saying that I will play Sertab. I got pregnant meanwhile, and the movie was postponed while I was envious of someone else to play. I have an eye, get on well with me. Anyway, Sertab is my friend. I will play. We don’t know how to celebrate now. What will happen to me, on set soon? ”

In the movie signed by Med Productions, Hazal Kaya’s partner and the name to share the lead role is Onur Tuna, who plays the character of Ferman in the movie Miracle Doctor.

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Aslı Kızmaz, Emrah, and Murat Kaman took over the script of the movie, directed by Murat Şenöy.In the meantime, it is among the information that the shooting of the film will begin two weeks later.

Benden ne olur story

Aslı T. Kızmaz, part of her life, “What will happen to me?” It tells the story of an intimidating woman who goes through a series of questions and surprises in every face.

You are faced with a novel full of tides that conveys every step of love, entertainment, and business life. A fun and funny story by Aslı T. Kızmaz, but at the same time surprising, a good book that you will never know what will happen.

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