Popular Turkish Couple

The Most Popular Turkish series couple of July

Popular Turkish Series Couple competition between the series – Summer screen broadcasts continue. Due to the pandemic period, the shooting of many series was interrupted, and the audience missed their series.

The TV series, which were published in the summer in the Imda and were romantic-comedy, grew. Although some of them did not see the expected interest, the series, where the audience gradually begins to be convinced, brings together the beloved young actors of the last period.

Messages from viewers between 11-15 July of the past week also revealed the most popular series pairs. The analysis made by Somera, the most famous couple of the week, is revealed. The off-screen couple has also made their name on the list.  

The two series that marked the summer screen are Sen Cal Kapimi and Mr. Wrong two ambitious series from Fox TV.

Popular Turkish Series Couple

Popular Turkish Series Couple

Kerem Bursin and Hande Erçel’s leading role as Sen Çal Kapımı – You Knock My Door is on the list of social media. The characters of Eda and Serkan in the series were naturally the most famous couple of the week.

Again, the TV series Bay Yanlis – Mr. Wrong, starring Özge Gürel and Can Yaman on Fox TV, started to increase its rating. The series, which surprised the first episode when it was too low, attracted considerable attention with its episode aired on Friday, 17 July. Ezgi and Özgür managed to become the second most popular series of the last week.

n third place, Azra and Zola, in the youth series Eyvah, the comedy series published on the ATV screens. The series, which includes young actors as well as names such as master actors Cengiz Bozkurt, Günay Karacaoğlu, Levent Ülgen, started to catch the audience every week as a family comedy. The characters Azra, played by Elif Doğan in the series, and Zola, played by Burak Tozkoparan, are also on the top in the social media as a series couple. This cute drama pair took 3rd place this week.

Turkish Series Couple

The 4th and 5th series couple in the list was surprising. These two series were interrupted by the Pandemic. Still, a couple of these series have managed to secure their place on the list.    Karaca and Azer in the Çukur series, which was telecasted on Show TV, managed to be loved as a couple, although they were people of different worlds.

Although the series has not been on screen for a long time, it still manages to be on the list on social media. Of course, the characters of Karaca and Cihangir Ceyhan, played by Ece Yaşar, are in the 4th place in the list of the most talked couple of the week according to the messages received.   

In the 5th place, there is a couple in Fox TV’s Zümrüdüanka series, which is still not on the screen, and shooting has not started yet. Cerhat Yilmaz’s characters, played by Zümrüt and Alp Navruz, seem to have managed to enter the top 5 in the summer as a couple.

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