Maviye Surgun Episode 2 English Subtitles Update

Maviye Surgun Episode 2 English Subtitles Update

What will happen in the new episode of Maviye Surgun series? What is the subject ? When and what day is the new episode aired? Who are the actors?

Maviye Surgun Episode 2 English Subtitles

In the promotion of the second episode of Maviye Sürgün; Defne, who panicked when she saw Ozan, says she doesn’t remember anything about him. 

While waiting for what will happen when Defne’s partner Murat comes to Çamlıkıyı, Ali’s words “This woman should have gone” draw attention. 

Ozan reached Defne, whom he was tracking, at the hotel of Ali’s father-in-law, Salih.

However, the young woman said she did not remember Ozan and did not go with her.

Ozan, who wanted to buy Salih’s hotel, would follow Defne step by step to reach the bag, even though he remained silent to avoid attracting attention.

Having settled in Salih’s hotel, Murat and Defne made a plan, including Cüneyt, whom Murat met on the way.

Defne, who managed to escape from Ozan’s pursuit, albeit for a short time, found the place of the bag she threw into the sea but could not retrieve the bag that went deep.

Ozan showed his dangerous face while Murat started to take diving lessons from Hasan to reach the money.

Thinking that Defne would threaten the young woman by using her friend, Ozan kidnapped Cüneyt instead of Murat.

Defne, who thinks Murat is in Ozan’s hands, desperately sets out to save her friend. Meanwhile, it was seen that Ali kidnaped Murat.

The reverse corner on the screen in the final scene shocked the audience. With growing doubts, will Ali be able to solve the mystery about Defne by detaining Murat?

Maviye Surgun Episode 2 English Subtitles Release Date

Monday, 19th June 20:00 | Episode 2

Maviye Surgun Episode 2 English Subtitles Release Date?

Monday, 19th June 20:00

Where to watch Maviye Surgun in English Subtitles?

Show Tv Turkiye

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