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Çağlar Ertuğrul expressed the truth behind the Teskilat Shooting

Çağlar Ertuğrul in the shooting of the Teşkilat series, which brings excitement and action-packed scenes to the screen with each episode, continued intensely throughout the season.

A successful season is about to be left behind for the whole team and the actors in front of the camera with a challenging adventure.

However, intense work also brought along a tiring process. When the cold and harsh climate of Ankara is added to this, it seems to have been an even more challenging process for the actors and the team! Especially the leading roles of the series, Çağlar Ertuğrul and Deniz Baysal Yurtçu, are two actors from İzmir.

The actors, who continue their careers in Istanbul after the hot climate of Izmir, are in a milder season compared to Ankara. However, it was revealed with the statements of Çağlar Ertuğrul that they felt the bitter cold of Ankara for the Organization.

From time to time, the actors come to Istanbul from the set whenever they can. However, they stayed in Ankara for most of the season for filming.

Baysal and Ertuğrul, who met again in the Teşkilat after the Fazilet Hanım ve Kızları series, are two names that have a great share in the success of the Teşkilat series with their successful acting and harmonious partnerships.

Çağlar Ertuğrul received an Award

Çağlar Ertuğrul was in Istanbul for an event recently. Ertuğrul was chosen as the ‘Best Quality Actor’ at the award ceremony he attended.

The actor, who took a break from shooting for a short time and came to Istanbul, expressed his gratitude at the 13th Quality Awards ceremony, saying that he loved his teammates in the series.

Çağlar Ertuğrul,

While talking about their working environment, Ertuğrul also explained for the first time that they had a very difficult time in Ankara this winter. Reminding the effort behind the camera, the actor said,

“Of course, we’re exhausted, but it’s wonderful to be recognised. We appreciate people’s interest, love, and respect. There is much effort. I’m in the visible part, actually the tiniest part. Behind us is a crew of 200-300 individuals. They have jobs as well, and they deserve it.”

Çağlar Ertuğrul

The 46th episode of the series, which has 45 episodes, will air tonight. While approaching the season finale, the actor gave the good news that he will be on the screen in the 3rd season.

Describing the working environment in Ankara, Ertuğrul complained about the long winter conditions during the shooting and said,

“This year, Ankara has been weary. We were greeted by snow every morning when we woke. We were hit by the cold. This year was exhausting.,”

Çağlar Ertuğrul

Explaining that he will go to his house in Izmir to listen in the summer months, Çağlar Ertuğrul also stated that he wrote a project and planned to finish it. He said that he would also take the lead role and direct the story for which he wrote.

He went on to say that his project’s script is an imaginative scenario with traces of some of the directors that inspired him.

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