Sen Cal Kapimi 42 bolum

Sen Cal Kapimi Episode 42 English subtitles Free Update

Sen Cal Kapimi Episode 42 starring Hande Ercel and Kerem Burden released on 23rd June 2021 on Fox TV in Turkey.

After a surprise kiss from Serkan to Eda. Eda shares it all with Melo. Eda wants to test if Serkan is ready to be a father to Kiraz or not. Even if Eda gets confident in Serkan that he will get along well with Kiraz she is ready to reveal the truth. Serkan spends a lot of time with Kiraz in terms of taking care of her food, studies, and other things. While Kiraz reveals a small hint about Eda as her mother. Serkan gets confused.  

As the game of Eda’s and Melo’s continues, Aydan and Engin are suspicious about Kiraz’s parents Serkan and Eda. Engin suggests finding a way to prove it. Pryl is the only Eda’s savior in this suspicious game of Aydan and Engin.   

Serkan gets a doubt about Kiraz’s features as it doesn’t match with Melo. He expresses it with a sentence, “She doesn’t look like Melo at all”. Melo hints to Serkan that it’s not her child. She is his child.

Sen Cal Kapimi 42 bolum
Sen Cal Kapimi

Aydan asks for absolute proof. Engin suggests a DNA test of Kiraz and Serkan. Erdem picks Kiraz hair for the test. After quality time between Kiraz and Serkan, Serkan has started caring for Kiraz and Kiraz finds Serkan as her hero as he has taught her to be brave and fearless. 

Eda is confused on the other about the truth to be revealed to Serkan or not. Eda expresses the view of being hurt when Kiraz finds that she has a father, but the father doesn’t want her. So it is better to not to tell Kiraz that she has a father to peryl.

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Eda, tell Serkan that the mother of Kiraz is herself. Whether this is a dream or reality is a matter of curiosity. Will Serkan get to know the truth?.  

Conclusion: While Serkan does his best to win Eda back, Eda has trouble hiding her feelings. Eda begins to observe to observe the relationship between Serkan and Kiraz. If she sees that there is a bond between them, she will explain to Serkan that he is Kiraz’s father. But Aydan and Engin know the truth much earlier. Wonder from whom will Serkan know the truth?.

Sen Cal Kapimi Episode 42 Trailer 1 English Subtitles

Melo to Eda: You can persuade your aunt but not me. Tell me  

Eda to Melo: I am telling you that he kissed me.  

Melo to Eda: Brother in law?  

Eda to Melo: Yes  

Melo to Eda: On lips?  

Serkan: Your know how   

Eda : Even if I feel even little that he is ready to be a father. I will tell him about Kiraz  

Serkan to Kiraz: Now tell me what you are going   

Kiraz to Serkan: I can’t read or write. Can you read?  

Serkan to Kiraz: you want me to read it all?  

Kiraz to Serkan: just read. I will tell you once I decide   

Serkan to Eda: The best child is your friends child  

Melo: Aren’t you married what an impudent ?  

Deniz: Do you have a husband?  

Melo: Your cousin is my husband.  

Deniz: But he is in love with Eda  

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Serkan to Eda: Did Eda give this to you ?  

Kiraz to Serkan: Yes  

Serkan to Eda: But you said that your mom gave it to you  

Eda to Serkan: I will ask you something   

Serkan to Eda: Ask  

Sen Cal Kapimi Episode 42 Trailer 2 English Subtitles

Aydan: This means that you think the same as me

Engin: It’s impossible to not think about it

Engin: we have to find another way to prove it

Peryl: prove what? Serkan: I don’t understand how can she be Mello’s daughter

Serkan: she doesn’t look like melo at all

Aydan: we need absolute proof

Engin: I need Kiraz’s hair

Serkan: Can you ask your daughter to put her shoes on?

Malo: yours child

Melo: you are thinking about my daughters life

Eda to pyrl: Think about it if she has a father who doesn’t want her it is better not to have one Kiraz to Serkan: you showed me how to be brave you are my hero

Eda : Serkan Eda to Serkan: mother of that sweet child is me

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