Yargi Episode 67 English Subtitles Season 3 Family Secrets

What will happen in the new episode of the Yargi Series? What is the subject of the Family Secrets series? When and on what day is the new episode aired?

Yargi Episode 67 English Subtitles

“The thorns that sting your feet are the harbingers of the rose you are looking for.”


The package left at the door is more than enough to confirm Ceylin’s years-long belief that Mercan is alive. However, this children’s t-shirt carries with it many questions. 

While Ilgaz and Ceylin pursue these questions, instead of finding a solution, they first come face to face with the suspects they have just noticed.

Everyone tries to go over everything once more, to reach the end of the rope they caught and find Mercan.

Yargi Episode 67 English Subtitles Season 3 Family Secrets

While Merdan takes a new stage in his friendship with Macit, Yekta is ready to dive into a darkness he would never want to get involved with, just to help Ceylin.

Ilgaz and Ceylin have to put their differences of opinion aside and pursue every scrap of information as if they were a family again.

Everyone’s efforts, especially theirs, are rewarded; At the end of the day, they will go after the truth that has been behind them all this time but that they have not seen, and both of them will be devastated.

Yargi Episode 67 Release Date

The highly anticipated third season of Kanal D’s TV series, Yargi, produced by Ay Yapım, starts on Sunday, October 15th, 20:00 | Episode 66

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