Uc Kiz Kardesi Episode 66 season 3 English Subtitles

On which day and on which channel is Uc Kiz Kardesi? Who are the actors? What is season 3 of Uc Kiz Kardesi about?

Uc Kiz Kardesi Episode 66 English Subtitles

While Türkan is pursuing her own justice, Somer has thrown her into heavier emotional bondage by turning her off the path.

Along with this bondage, Somer becomes uneasy with what he has done and starts to fight with himself. Rüçhan, on the other hand, has realized her insidious plan for Türkan and seeks ruthless revenge. 

On the other hand, Kartal presents his proposal that will bring the end of Kormanlar Zeytincilik. However, Somer will not give in to Kartal’s manipulations through Mustafa.

Uc Kiz Kardesi Episode 66 English Subtitles

As Uzay prepares new surprises in an effort to win Dönüş’s heart, he suddenly finds himself in front of Serdar. Even though Serdar thinks that he has lost Dönüş, he tries to prevent Uzay’s journey to win Dönüş. 

While struggling with the troubles of his daughters, Sadık falls into an emotional void. He finds solace in Müjgan, whom he sees as a good friend. 

Türkan and Somer try to paint a picture of a happy family just for Defne, but both of them are devastated by this lie.

As Rüçhan goes further with his revenge plan, seeing Türkan’s pain and using Somer’s name, this situation turns into an unbearable torment of conscience for Somer.  

Uc Kiz Kardesi Episode 66 Release Date

New episode date: December 66 

Day and time: Tuesday 20:00 

New episode number: 66

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