Uc Kiz Kardesi Episode 62 Season 3 English Subtitles

On which day and on which channel is Uc Kiz Kardesi? Who are the actors? What is season 3 of Uc Kiz Kardesi about?

Uc Kiz Kardesi Episode 62 English Subtitles

Özer and Somer, who have not heard from Rüçhan for a long time, are now starting to worry. 

They begin to investigate police stations and hospitals and are shaken by the sad news. Türkan cannot tell the truth for fear of losing her daughter.

Uc Kiz Kardesi Episode 62 English Subtitles

On the other hand, dark clouds hover over the Kalender family. On perhaps the happiest day of her last years, she learned that Serdar was married and was undecided whether to continue the rest of his treatment.

While Somer goes after the person who did this evil to his mother, the circle is narrowing for Türkan. 

He feels forced to choose between confessing his crime and running away with his daughter. What will Türkan decide, struggling between her conscience and motherhood?

Uc Kiz Kardesi Episode 62 Release Date

New episode date: November 14th

Day and time: Tuesday 20:00 

New episode number: 62

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