uc kiz kardes 2 seazon

Uc Kiz Kardes Season 2 Episode 17 English Subtitles Free update Three sisters 

Uc Kiz Kardes (Three Sisters)n Season 2 starring Ozgu Kaya, Berker Guven, and Iclal Aydin Episode 17 releases on September13th, 2022 on Kanal D at 20:00 in Turkey. 

Uc Kiz Kardes (Three Sisters) Season 2 Episode 17 English Subtitles

The fact that Mine gives birth to Somer’s baby affects the love life of Somer and Türkan, who are in full swing. Mine’s plan is to regain Somer’s heart and her life with her baby. Mine uses Nihat’s presence to provoke Somer to get Somer. When Nihat tries to harm Mine for the sake of the baby, Somer has to adopt Mine and her baby.

The truth about Somer and Mine, which Nesrin learned from Mine, destroys Nesrin. When Nesrin begins to journey through the traumas she experienced in her past mentally, the whole family mobilizes around Nesrin.

As she learned from Fatih, Derya thinks that Fatih is her own father, while on the other hand, she is on the verge of starting a new life. Serdar and Derya earned the department they wanted at the university.

A single Return cannot accompany this dream of learning.
Özer has to face the son he once abandoned. Özer’s son, Mustafa Korman, comes to Ayvalık.

Will Somer take care of Mine and her baby? Will Nesrin’s trauma cause Return to learn the truth about her mother? Will Mustafa be able to get what he demands from his father, Özer?

New love is born on the sets of Uc Kiz Kardes

uc kiz kardes 2 seazon

On the set of the Kanal D television show Üç Kiz Kardeş, which has been avidly watched since its debut, a new love was born.

Nazli Senem Ünal, who appeared in front of the audience as the character “Mine” in the series, and Demircan Kaçel, who portrayed the part of “Mesut,” developed a connection that eventually led to love. On social media, Demircan Kaçel and Nazl Senem Ünal announced their love.

With the posts they made to their social media sites, the Showbiz pair declared their love for one another. On her Instagram page, Nazli Senem Ünal posted a picture of herself and Demircan Kaçel. Unal, who dropped the note “And there was love” under this post, announced their relationship on social media.

Uc Kiz Kardes won the Best series of the Year Award

uc kiz kardes 2 seazon

The actors of the Three Sisters series experienced the happiness of the award together. At the second International Diamond Award Ceremony, the series was awarded the “Best TV Series of the Year” award.

On the same night, İclal Aydın was given the “Book Writer of the Year” award. The famous writer and actor thought of the Three Sisters novel as a series, but he was informed that this story would not be easy to follow.

İclal Aydın said, “My producer friends thought that it might be a little difficult as a series and that the audience likes a little harder work,” and said that he could not get positive results in his contacts at that time.

Three Sisters Episode 17 Trailer 1 English Subtitles

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Trailer 1, Trailer 2

Three Sisters Episode 17 release date

Episode 17 Uc Kiz Kardes (Three Sisters) season 2 starring Ozgu Kaya, Berker Guven, and Iclal Aydin releases on September 13, 2022 on Kanal D at 20:00 in Turkey. 

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