Demet Ozdemir

Shocking Demet Ozdemir watch price Can you guess?

Demet Ozdemir, who is not as well-known for her social media posts as she is for the TV series in she appears, also earns a reputation for herself with her lavish lifestyle. The stunning actress, who favors high-end labels for her clothing and jewelry, shared a photo of herself in a black gown on Instagram. The actor’s modest style, which delighted admirers with her pose, drew notice, but the watch’s price on her wrist was unbelievable.

Demet Ozdemir, a stunning actress who favors premium brands in her clothing and jewelry, is currently being spoken about for her watch.

Demet Ozdemir, one of the most active social media users, contributed another item to the agenda.

Demet Ozdemir watch price revealed

Ozdemir, who is getting ready to marry singer Oguzhan Koç, shared a photo of herself in a black dress on her Instagram account. The actor’s modest style, which delighted admirers with her pose, drew notice, but the watch’s price on her wrist was incredible.

Demet Ozdemir

The cost of the actress’s watch and outfit have also been revealed. Demet Ozdemir’s outfit costs 775 TL ($52) while the watch she wears costs 180 thousand TL ($12,157).

Demet Ozdemir and Oguzhan Koc Marriage

Demet Ozdemir, who decided to marry Oguzhan Koç after a brief separation, became one of the most popular female performers on social media.

Demet Ozdemir

With her Instagram posts, Ozdemir, who made her name known to vast audiences worldwide through the shows she was a part of, began to be on the agenda more frequently.

With her newest post, the attractive actress, who was showered with comments and likes with every shot, enraged her fans.

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Demet Ozdemir

Ozdemir separated her followers into two groups by sharing her meals during Ramadan.

While some argue that sharing is a natural part of life, others say that “you share food in Ramadan as if you’re making fun of it.” “Respect your audience.” emotion was stated.

Demet Ozdemir about Face Surgery and Botox

Ozdemir’s aesthetic appearance has sparked debate on social media in recent days.

Demet Ozdemir

“I have been doing TV series for nine years,” Ozdemir claimed in a statement regarding her transformation and aesthetic claims. When will I be able to get an operation? They put my 16-year-old self in the same room as my 30-year-old self. It isn’t the same! They’re making progress.


Demet Ozdemir continued in her testimony by saying, “I’m gaining and losing weight. Even removing your brows has an effect on your face. I’m not even using Botox! I create a lot of facial expressions, but I won’t consider Botox until I’m in my 40s since I believe it would be impossible to do so while playing. Face yoga is all I do.”

Demet Ozdemir

Following Demet Ozdemir’s comment, her old images became a hot topic. Those who witnessed the transformation over time were astounded.

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