Safir Turkish Series Cast

Safir Turkish Series Cast Explained in Detail

Who is in the cast of the Safir TV series? Which actor plays which character in the TV series Safir? Who is in the cast of the Safir Turkish TV series?

İlhan Şen as Ates Gulsoy

Safir Turkish Series Cast

He is the eldest son of the Gülsoy family. He is educated abroad, free-spirited, polite, moderate, honest, and fair. However, he is uncompromising when the other person exceeds his limits. 

He grew up in a well-known, wealthy family in Cappadocia. He lost his father in a traffic accident at a young age. Their relationship has been in conflict since childhood, as his grandfather Ömer knows no bounds to impose his authority and will. 

After his father died, his mother replaced him as his father. Since she expected all the attention and protection from him, Ateş became the father figure in the family. His mother, Gülfem, and his brothers, Yaman and Okan, are his most precious.

Ozge Yagiz as Feraye Yilmaz

Safir Turkish Series Cast

Feraye is a beautiful girl living in Cappadocia. She is a senior Faculty of Fine Arts Fashion Design Department student. 

Her father is a veteran of the Gülsoy family, one of the prominent families of the region. Feraye lost her mother at a very young age. After losing her mother, when her father becomes ill and is a wheelchair user, and she remarries to have a woman at home, Feraye is bullied by her stepmother. 

This situation teaches her to protect herself and stand on her own feet. She is a hard-working, honest, faithful person who believes in the power of love and is loyal. She spent her childhood together with the Gülsoys’ middle son, Yaman. They share they are children who cannot experience their mother’s love. They were each other’s first friend, first and last love.

Burak Berkay Akgül as Yaman Gülsoy

Safir Turkish Series Cast

He is the middle son of the Gülsoy family. He doesn’t remember his father, whom he lost at a young age. Hi mother, Gülfem’s favorite child is his brother Ateş. 

Yaman and his brother Okan always remained in the background for their mother. After Ateş left home when he was a small child, he had to submit to the authority of his grandfather, Ömer, to maintain the family’s balance. 

He found the love he could not receive from his mother in Feraye, with whom he grew up, and he remained devoted to her since childhood. 

Although he does not receive love from his family, he is an exciting and romantic person who can risk anything for his loved ones and take on the world when the time comes. 

His biggest dream is to marry Feraye and give the love he has never experienced to himself and the family he will create.

İpek Tuzcuoğlu as Gülfem Gülsoy

Safir Turkish Series Cast

The bride of the Gülsoy family is a vigorous, well-groomed, educated, and beautiful woman. She lost her husband Ahmet at a young age and never married again. 

She met her husband, a member of a well-known and rich family of Cappadocia, while she was a university student in Istanbul, and they married with love. 

They gave birth to three sons named Ateş, Yaman, and Okan. She has a good relationship with her father-in-law Ömer. Except for the sadness of her husband’s death, Gülfem has not suffered a single day. 

Among her children, her eldest son, Ateş, has a special place and depends on him. She is fond of her other two sons, although not as much as Ateş. The most valuable assets in life are children. There is no sacrifice they cannot afford.

Erkan Bektas as Vural Bakırcıoğlu

Safir Turkish Series Cast

He is the child of a low-income family born in Cappadocia. He is ambitious, wants power, and is abandoned by his family. 

For this reason, he has established himself in the dark side of the business world and achieved great financial gain. He has two grown children named Bade and Bora, and he is very fond of them. 

There is no dangerous game he won’t enter for money and family. He met Ömer Gülsoy’s Ahmet as a child, making Ömer fall in love with him. Vural, whose only thing missing is reputation, aims to gain this deficiency with his partnerships with Ömer Gülsoy.

Nur Yazar as Cemile Yilmaz

Safir Turkish Series Cast

There is nothing Cemile cannot do for her daughter Aleyna.

Gizem Sevim as Aleyna Yilmaz

Safir Turkish Series Cast

Cemile’s only daughter and Feraye’s half-sister.

Can Bartu Arslan as Okan Gülsoy

Safir Turkish Series Cast

Okan, the youngest of the family, is a crazy person who lives to save the day and tries to do whatever he can to prove himself to his grandfather, Ömer.

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