Ozge Gurel and Serkan Cayoglu Wedding

Ozge Gurel And Serkan Cayoglu Wedding Details Revealed

Famous couple Ozge Gurel and Serkan Cayoglu first met and fell in love in the 2014 television series Cherry Season. The couple, who has drawn notice with their happy companionship since then, was known to be getting married this summer. The couple’s engagement ceremony on June 19 grabbed attention. Social media users flocked to the images of the pair, who enjoyed a delightful, enjoyable, and cheerful day with their loved ones.

Ozge Gurel and Serkan Cayoglu Wedding

There was interest in Gürel and Cayoglu’s wedding as well. Their followers have been anticipating where the couple would hold their wedding ceremony and what sort of organisation they had planned ever since it was announced that they were getting married this summer. The celebrity couple’s plans for their wedding have just come to light.

Ozge Gurel And Serkan Cayoglu Wedding Date and Venue

The couple, who have been together for seven years, recently held their engagement ceremony in Turkey, but they’re now preparing to get married abroad! The Hürriyet Newspaper reported that Ozge Gürel and Serkan Cayoglu, who found out they were getting married on July 16, would have an international ceremony.

One of the newspaper’s authors, Mehmet Üstünda, reported that the pair will wed on July 16 in Germany. The couple’s choice was made public on August 13 with the announcement that they would marry in Verona, Italy, the site of Romeo and Juliet’s tragically tragic wedding.

Ozge Gurel and Serkan Cayoglu Wedding

The information indicates that the couple has been putting together this wedding for months. The fact that the Serkan Cayoglus family resides in Germany is one of the primary factors in Gürel and Cayoglus’s decision to get married there.

According to the information in the story, the pair will have a memorable wedding at a charming castle in Verona, Italy, as wedding entertainment after the legal nuptials. We can infer from this information that the romantic couple marries at a romantic location.

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