Omer Episode 35 English Subtitles

Omer Episode 35 English Subtitles

What will happen in the new Episode of Omer starring Selahattin Paşalı, Gökçe Bahadır, Barış Falay, and Merve Dizdar? What is the plot of the series? When and on what day is the latest EpisodeEpisode aired?

Omer Episode 35 English subtitles

While Gamze’s announcement that she has rented a house surprises everyone, Nilüfer’s news breaks the morale. Even though Ömer reacts against Gamze’s step about the house, Gamze, who thinks that a peaceful home is indispensable for her son and her family, does not change her decision. 

Tahir, who cannot bear to see Nilüfer upset, once again asks Nurettin for help to save Vicdan from the difficult situation she has fallen into. Reşat, who is suspicious of his son’s behavior, tries to get to the bottom of the situation, but they have a new argument with Tahir, who thinks that he has never been appreciated enough. However, Tahir is unaware of the game being set up for him. 

Omer Episode 35 English Subtitles

Nisa continues to stand by her decision to divorce, but the realization that her children need Hakan leaves her in a dilemma. Eda and Emine, who dream of making a lot of money and becoming famous, find themselves in a big conspiracy. 

As Ömer and Gamze’s dispute over the house continues, Nevzat warns Gamze once again about how dangerous and destructive her brother can be. Gamze, who wants to find out Şule’s real purpose, is confronted with a scene that surprises her.

Omer Episode 32 with English subtitles

Monday, December 11th, at 20:00 in Turkey | 35th Episode

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