Kurulus Osman Episode 133 English Subtitles Update Season 5

What will happen in the new episode of Kurulus Osman starring Burak Özçivit and Didem Balçın? What is the theme of the episode? When and on what day is the latest episode of Kurulus Osman aired?

Kurulus Osman Episode 133 English Subtitles 

Osman Bey became aware of the Treasury left by Sultan Mesud. Osman Bey thinks that the only thing that can break Yakup Bey’s domination is the treasure. What is the reason for Osman Bey to think like this?

Gonca Hatun brought the decree. Yakup Bey also learns about the treasure. Yakup Bey, who thinks that everything is justified for the sake of power, has no intention of leaving the treasure to anyone. What move will Yakup Bey make?

Osman Bey gives duties to his sons. Alaeddin Bey will be aware of all the steps taken by Yakup Bey. Orhan Bey will find the treasure. Holofira will surprisingly join Orhan Bey on his journey to find the treasure.

What will happen between Mehmet Bey and Orhan Bey, who think that the treasure belongs to Germiyan? Who will seize the treasure?

Kurulus osman 133 English subtitles

Will Alaeddin Bey be successful in his duty despite Gonca Hatun? Alaeddin Bey asked Gonca Hatun, “Or are you in love with me?” he asks. What will happen between Gonca Hatun and Alaeddin Bey?

What does Osman Bey hold Sancaksız’s accountable for? What will those without banners do after Osman Bey’s attitude?

Malhun Hatun goes to Uç Pazar. The tension between him and Saadet Hatun will begin to escalate. Will a cold war begin between Malhun Hatun and Saadet Hatun? Yakup Bey announces that Cerkutay is the patron of Uç Pazar. How did Cerkutay accept this duty?

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Osman Bey will walk to the place where the discord started and demand accountability. Bala Hatun will also go with Osman Bey. Where will Osman Bey go? Yakup Bey meets Osman Bey wherever he goes. He took possession of it. Osman Bey does not expect to see Yakup Bey.

Kurulus Osman Episode 133 Release Date

Kurulus Osman New episode date: Wednesday, October 25th 20:00 | New episode no: 133

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