Kizilcik Serbeti Episode 41 English Subtitles

Kizilcik Serbeti Episode 41 English Subtitles Season 2 Update

What will happen to the new episode of Kizilcik Serbeti starring Evrim Alasya, Barış Kılıç, Settar Tanrıöğen, and Sıla Türkoğlu? What is the theme of the series? When and on what day is the new episode aired? 

Kizilcik Serbeti Episode 41 English Subtitles

Kıvılcım, who saw Ömer with his female friend, was very impressed by this situation. Ömer, on the other hand, is looking for answers to the questions in his mind and is having trouble with his brother.

Although Baby Abdullah’s illness panics the family, it turns out that the baby has jaundice and Nilay will stay in the hospital with her baby for a day.

Helin, who is jealous of Alev and Rüzgar’s union, will try to set up a conspiracy to separate them, but Rüzgar will spoil her game.

When Kıvılcım wants to help a girl who calls him and says she wants to study, he will get the biggest support from Rüzgar and Ertuğrul.

Nursema’s illness will get worse, and when she and Umut go to the hospital, Fatih, who learns the situation, will be with them. 

However, Doğa, who is worried about Fatih’s disappearance, can not resist and follow him and will encounter a surprise she never expected.

Seeing Alev and Abdullah meeting to talk about Umutlar’s problems, Mustafa will become suspicious of the situation, and will try to find out the truth of this matter by setting up a game with Nilay, but he will find himself in a terrible situation.

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Kizilcik Serbeti Episode 41 Release Date 

New episode date: October 1st

Day and time: Friday, 20:00

Episode no: 41

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