Hande Ercel and Kerem Bursin

Kerem Bursin Surprising challenge for Hande Ercel

The much-loved Turkish series Sen Cal Kapimi – You knock my Door series is raising its ratings with the performances of two young and successful actors Kerem Bürsin and Hande Erçel.

The most awaited Turkish romantic comedy series of the summer season on Fox TV. However, there are occasional allegations of love among the actors who have achieved good compatibility in the series. They continue to do their work and enjoy sharing on social media without looking at this gossip.

Erçel and Bürsin shot and released a video in their caravan on the set. Kerem Bürsin and Hande Erçel, who shared interesting moments with their followers, made a bet! More precisely, Kerem Bürsin involuntarily included Hande Erçel in the claim!

The two draw attention with their sweet exchanges in videos they take from time to time. The last fight they made was about Hande Erçel’s early completion of the set. The following conversation took place between them.

Kerem Bursin and Hande Ercel conversation

Kerem: Friends, Do you want to say something  

Hande: I finished set early for the first time  

Kerem: not for the first time, she only shot two scenes, and she is going home.  

Hande: I am on set since 8 am.   Kerem: I’m also on set since 8 am.   Hande: First time I finished early.  

Kerem: Please, Hande. See you tomorrow  

Kerem: We made a decision, are you ready?  

Hande: What?  

(speaking to the audience)

Kerem Bürsin claimed himself after these sweet bickering between the two players. When Hande Erçel heard about it for the first time and looked at it with surprise, Bürsin explained his claim to his followers and Hande Erçel as follows:

“We’ve decided something. Are you ready? What? We’ll make a bet with Hande. The person who lost the bet, for example, you missed it, I will take your phone, choose what I want from the photos on your phone and share it in your account. If I lose, you will select and put any of my pictures from my phone to my account. “

Hande Erçel, who listened in surprise while Kerem Bürsin made these statements, stated that she did not want to stand up and accept, “No, I did not say yes to your bet.” she said with a laugh and tried to explain that Kerem Bürsin forced her to make this claim. It looks like Hande has lots of secret pictures on her phone.

It is not known whether this claim between the two will be put forward, but many of the fans of the duo who watch this video will excitedly anticipate who will lose. Let’s see first, will Hande Erçel accept this claim and be included in the game?

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