Uc Kiz Kardes 33 bolum

Uc Kiz Kardes Episode 33 English Subtitles Free update Three sisters

What will happen in the new episode of Uc Kiz Kardes starring Ozgu Kaya, Berker Guven, and Iclal Aydin? What is the plot of the Three Sisters series? When and on what day is the new episode aired?

Uc Kiz Kardes (Three Sisters) Episode 33 English Subtitles

While Türkan goes to Somer to redeem herself, Mine takes advantage of Somer’s separation from Türkan and takes the road to the forest house where Somer stays. There is a new light of hope for Fatih. Rüçhan is shocked when he sees Sevilay and Mustafa in the house of the Nesrins.

Uc Kiz Kardes 33 bolum

While Türkan cannot make sense of Mine’s confronting Somer, Mine is also uneasy to see Türkan in front of her again. He searches for ways to gain Somer’s trust without separating him from his daughter. Nesrin’s suspicions about Sevilay and Özer gradually increase. Serdar realizes that Dönen is chasing something secretly and follows him.

Rüçhan brings Özer and Sevilay together and starts to operate his new plan. On the other hand, Mustafa decides to confront the Korman family, who puts pressure on his mother. This decision brings Türkan and Somer to the brink of a new crisis.

Uc Kiz Kardes Episode 33 release date

Episode 33 Uc Kiz Kardes (Three Sisters) season 2, starring Ozgu Kaya, Berker Guven, and Iclal Aydin, releases on January 3rd, 2022, on Kanal D at 20:00 in Turkey. 

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