Barbaroslar Season 2 Major Changes

The Barbaroslar series still has a large fan base who expects the series to return for a second season. TRT1 has stated that the series would be continued.

Pelin Akil, for example, was going to leave. Then came the shocking news that the series’ leading man, Engin Altan Düzyatan, would also be leaving. Then it was revealed that Cemre Gümeli, who later joined the series and became famous for his portrayal of Meryem, would also depart.

Lead Actors to leave Barbaroslar Series

Pelin Akil, who plays Isabel, will say her final goodbyes in the 30th episode,

Engin Altan Düzyatan, who portrays the Oruç chief, will be leaving in the 31st episode,

Barbaroslar News

Then you’ll see Cemre Gümeli’s departure, who will be last seen as Meryem in episode 32.

These splits also convey an important message at the end of the first season. The Barbaroslar series will continue if TRT1 does not make a last-minute change, and the second season appears to be considerably more effective.

During the summer vacation, the team can make up for their mistakes, rework the story, and repeat the Barbaroslar’s outstanding success next season with new characters.

The Barbaroslar series may reach a point where it can mark the following season if this possibility is properly assessed. During the summer, don’t be surprised if you hear a lot about the series’ preparations and the progress of the new actors.

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