Bambaska Biri Episode 2 English Subtitles

Bambaska Biri Episode 2 English Subtitles

On which day and on which channel is Bambaska Biri aired? Who are the actors in the series? What is the summary of the new episode?

Bambaska Biri Episode 2 English Subtitles

Leyla’s trust problem in the 2nd new episode of Bam Başka Biri TV series!

Leyla, who does not compromise on her ambition, is forced to accept that the investigation cannot proceed independently of Kenan.

Leyla’s brother Tahir, who was imprisoned, is released and he wastes no time in getting involved in things that will cause new trouble for his family.

Leyla will give Ekrem a chance to tell the truth. Who can Leyla trust if even her father, whose honesty she has never doubted, lies to her face?

Dogan, who wants to announce his ideals to the public, begins to threaten Kenan with messages he sends to the press.

Bambaska Biri Episode 2 English Subtitles

It is certain that Hamdi Atılbay is not the last victim. However, the presence of prosecutor Leyla creates unexpected obstacles in İdris and Doğan’s path.

Doğan’s new murder gives clues about the trauma he suffered as a child. Kenan, who is unaware of his split personality, begins to make excuses for the gaps in his memory.

As the number of people Leyla can trust decreases, the number of victims increases. Turan, who wants to save his son, is tested by turning into a chief prosecutor who protects the murderer. 

Will Kenan comply with Doğan’s demands and agree to be the voice of a murderer? Will the enemy living inside Kenan pose a threat to Leyla?

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Note: Full Episode with English Subtitles is available on Telegram Messenger App. The App is available in Play store for all the countries.

Bambaska Biri Episode 2 Release Date

Monday, September 18 20:00 | Episode 2  

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