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Yargi Episode 35 English Subtitles Explained Season 2

Yargi season 2 starring Pinar Deniz and Kaan Urgancioglu, Episode 35 releases on September 18th, 2022 on Kanal D at 20:00.

Yargi Season 2 Episode 35 English Subtitles

Ilgaz and Ceylin overcame all of their challenges and enjoyed their marriage’s best moments; Yekta, who lost his wife, his reputation, and his money, ended up on the streets with nothing.

Pars sailed to a new love; Rose, who found a new way to hold on to life by throwing his anger inside;

Retired Text; Despite Osman’s intention not to give up on their marriage, Aylin, who has experienced standing on her feet;

Çınar is angry with his friends and mad at the life he has succumbed to, And when Eren finds four bodies in the well one morning. The process of turning enemies into friends and friends into enemies has now begun. Because; “A wire breaks, harmony breaks forever.”

Yargi Cast Social media Posts

The Yargi series is getting ready to take a summer break with a very surprising season finale! At the end of the 34th episode, which will be broadcast on Sunday, May 29, next week, it has been understood that the audience will be shocked by the social media posts of the actors of the series and the shares of the screenwriter Sema Ergenekon, who participated in the shooting of the episode, which is the season finale.

The law-themed series Judgment, which has locked its viewers on the screen since its first episode, has managed to become one of the most talked-about seasons.

While Kanal D’s popular series left its mark on the season, it will leave the audience wondering for the second season.

Along with the screenwriter Sema Ergenekon, the actors also contributed a lot to the success of the series signed by Ay Yapım.

The harmonious togetherness of Pınar Deniz and Kaan Urgancıoğlu, who are in the leading roles, is one of the issues that always keeps the energy of the series high.

Yargi season finale

In the series of Judgment, for a few weeks, a scene with the phrase ‘6 months later and a scene where it is understood that Ceylin killed or injured someone has been brought to the screen.

The ring in Ceylin’s hand, which was taken to Forensic Medicine by Eren, also attracted attention. With this ring, it was understood that the couple, who divorced in the 32nd episode, remarried within six months.

A wedding scene is seen in the shots that were reflected on social media from the season finale. Moreover, Eren and Pars are also witnesses.

Therefore, it is estimated that Ceylin and Ilgaz got married. We don’t know yet how things come and Ceylin finds her hand in blood, but a shocking final awaits the audience.

In the meantime, some photos from the celebration party of the Judiciary team, which finished the 34th episode and closed the season, were also reflected on social media. The comment made on a photo shared by Sema Ergenekon made her smile.

Yargi season finale

Kaan Urgancıoğlu is seen dancing on the table in the enthusiastic celebration. The post also noted that the player broke the table with that enthusiasm!

In those moments when Pınar Deniz was laughing out loud, it was seen that the whole team was watching Kaan Urgancıoğlu.

The team and actors, who were very tired and put in a great effort during the season, had a lot of fun on the last shooting day. Kaan Urgancıoğlu, one of the players who took pride in his great success, couldn’t slow down and started dancing on the table, and it seems that what happened afterwards.

The administrative Producer of the Yargi, Suzan Güverte, dropped the note ‘that table was broken’ on the photo she shared. Screenwriter Sema Ergenekon also moved that post to her Instagram account.

Yargi Season 2 Episode 35 Release Date

Yargi starring Pinar Deniz and Kaan Urgancioglu, Episode 35 releases on September18th, 2022, on Kanal D at 20:00 in Turkey.

Yargi Season 2 Episode 35 Trailers English Subtitles

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