Hande Ercel

What would Hande Ercel be if not actress

Hande Erçel, who plays the leading role with Kerem Bürsin in the Turkish Series Sen Cal Kapimi – You Play Door, which broadcast on the Fox TV screen on Saturday evenings, is one of the most remarkable actresses of recent years.

Turkish Actress Hande Erçel interview to MAG Magazine:

The actress, who crowned her great success with 17.4 million followers on Instagram, gave striking poses and made statements to MAG magazine. “I love my job. I try to improve myself more at every opportunity” and expressed her passion for her profession.

Hande Erçel, who defines herself as an animal lover, nature lover and passionate, came across the lens for the issue of MAG December and posed beautiful, charming and sexy.

Hande Ercel

Hande Erçel, who is involved in many successful projects, answered those who were curious about her for MAG readers. Erçel, who plays the character of Eda in the Turkish TV series Sen Cal Kapimi – You Knock On My Door, which is currently broadcast on FOX TV, said, “All the characters I play have a special place in me. “I feel closer to Eda nowadays,” she added.

The successful actress emphasizes her passion for art once again by saying “I would have liked to be a curator if I had not chosen the acting profession”.

So what is a Curator?

(Latin: curatus; English: curator. Manager- You Knock On My Dior  of a museum, gallery, archive or library collection. In the context of contemporary art, the curator means the organizer of the exhibition. In this sense, curators organize an array to create the effect they desire.

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