Uc Kurus 26 bolum

Uc Kurus Episode 26 English Subtitles Free Explained

Uc Kurus Turkish Series Episode 26 starring Uraz Kaygılaroğlu, Ekin Koç, and Nesrin Cavadzade releases on 16th May 2022 at 20:00 on Show Tv in Turkey.

Uc Kurus Episode 26 English Subtitles

In the last part of the series, which came to the screen this week, with the unexpected death of Bahar’s character, Nesrin Cavadzade was the name that said goodbye to the series before the final! The murder of Bahar by Baybars was also a shocking development for the audience. So this character also left the series!

In the preview scene broadcast from the new episode of Üç Kuruş, the conversation in the scene where Kartal sees Ferhan and Ferhan’s childhood next to him in the hospital room draws attention. Ferhan says that Baybars’ next target may be Ateş, “What if you can’t protect him too?” Upon his words, Kartal experiences great fear.

The three Kuruş series, which will make its finale in the 28th episode after three episodes, comes with surprising developments as it approaches the finale! It is a matter of curiosity what Kartal and Efe will do in the 26th episode, which will be broadcast on Monday, May 16th!

Uc Kurus 26 bolum

Üç Kuruş will be on the screen with its 26th episode, where exciting developments will take place. The character of Neriman, played by Nursel Köse, said goodbye in the past weeks. Afterward, we watched the painful farewell of Bahar, played by Nesrin Cavadzade, last week.

The screenwriters show that they are removing the leading roles from a story with the messages they give one after the other. So who will leave this time? Find mind-blowing questions.

Kartal does not accept that he has lost his favorite woman in life, Bahar. While trying to suppress his pain, his old friend Ferhan, who understands this pain best, appears before him.

Uc Kurus 26 bolum

Ferhan gives Kartal the strength to take action for revenge. Efe and Çetin are aware that they need to bring Kartal back to their senses, even though they missed Kılıç and Baybars at the last moment. But they are always one step behind Kartal, who walks to his death alone in pursuit of revenge.

After the tension between Kılıç and Baybars due to Bahar’s death, Baybars is forced to continue his escape plan alone. The moment Kartal thinks that he has cornered Baybars, he is forced to make a choice again.

Episode 26 Release Date

Uraz Kayglarolu, Ekin Koç, and Nesrin Cavadzade star in Uc Kurus Turkish Series Episode 26, which premieres on Show Tv in Turkey on May 16, 2022, at 20:00.

Episode 26 Trailers

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