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What will happen in the new episode 18 of Seversin starring  Ilayda Alişan, Burak Yörük,Nergis Kumbasar and Zeynep Kanonde ? What is the theme of the “Seversin” series? When and what day is the new episode 16 released?

Seversin Episode 18 English Subtitles

Asya walks off the set after learning that Nazli will play the lead part. Tolga wants to pursue her, but he is unable to stop shooting. Asya is dragged into an entirely other occasion by the phone call she receives on the way home, bored with everything.

Tolga becomes further upset with his father as a result of Kudret’s condition. Again becoming self-centered, Kudret confronted Tolga on his own behalf. However, perhaps everything would have been different if he had only one thought about Tolga.

Despite her intense anger for Tolga, Asya approaches him to ask for Kudret. While he still has time, she requests that he reconcile with his father. Tolga keeps his walls up, but Asya is able to persuade him.

Asya makes a crucial career decision as Tolga prepares for a significant encounter with his father. Selin and Nazli have no plans to let their relationship collapse. She makes the decision to thwart both of their aims carefully. Tolga will also be pleased by this action.

Seversin Episode 18 Trailers 

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Seversin Episode 18 release date

You Love me starring Ilayda Alişan, Burak Yörük,Nergis Kumbasar and Zeynep Kanonde Episode 18 releases on September 26, 2022 on Kanal D at 20:00 in Turkey.

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