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Seversin starring Ilayda Alişan, Burak Yörük,Nergis Kumbasar and Zeynep Kanonde Episode 9 releases on 17th August, 2022 on Kanal D at 20:00 in Turkey. 

Seversin Episode 12 English Subtitles

Asya is shocked by Tolga’s declaration of love. Although his heart welcomes this explanation, his mind stops him. Asya speaks openly with Tolga, she is sure that he is sincere in his feelings, but how long will it last.

How long can Tolga Tuna’s crazy heart carry this love? Asya has no intention of being added to Tolga Tuna’s list of “heartbroken”. Tolga agrees with Asya’s opinion; he is also self-aware. Tolga decides to fight to prove his love.

Seversin Episode 12 Bolum

The biggest obstacle he will face will be himself. Will Aşık Tolga be able to prove himself to Asya by changing all his habits reinforced by the years and eliminating Tolga Tuna inside him?

Seversin Episode 12 Trailer 1 English Subtitles

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Today is the day Tolga Tuna was born once more.


Welcome back home, love!

From now on, there will be a loyal Tolga Tuna.

You better get used to the lover Tolga Tuna, bro.

He turned into a docile, loving man.

And this is your success.

What do we say now?

Love doesn’t hurt, love changes one.

My life is divided by before and after Asya.

You’re my milestone.

You’re always talking big.

You’ve just told me that you love me.

And does her heart beat like this for you?

Okay, at least quit it little by little.

Man, how can I quit being a player little by little?

God, are you testing me?

Quit slowly, don’t do it suddenly.

Who the hell is this?

I swear I don’t know.

You did it!

You did this!

Man, you’re such a troublemaker!

Seversin returns on Wednesday on Kanal D!

Seversin Episode 12 Trailer 2 English Subtitles.

Seversin Episode 12 Bolum

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I think I’m in love, dad.

Do you really think that…

…a man who has confessed his love
to you…

…a couple hours ago…

…would throw a party
just because he got rejected?

I wish I could trust him
half as much as I trust you.

No, you misunderstood me.
I found love.

Why the hell do you care about
the woman I love?

Tolga you’re not okay, come on.

Asya is here.

He smiles like you, dad.

Listen, your fake relationship…


Everything is so real, Selin.

I love you so much.

So much!

Seversin returns on Wednesday
on Kanal D!

Seversin Episode 12 release date

Seversin Episode 12 starring Ilayda Alişan, Burak Yörük, Nergis Kumbasar, and Zeynep Kanonde, premieres on Kanal D at 20:00 on August 17, 2022.

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