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Sen Cal Kapimi Episode 8 English Subtitles Explained – You Knock My Door Free

The romantic comedy Turkish series Sen Cal Kapımi – You knock My Door, watched with admiration on Wednesday evenings, has a big difference that has not had many Series before.

After the great pairing of Hande Erçel and Kerem Bürsin duo, the understanding of keeping the Series on social media at the top continues without any decline.   

The second trailer of the 8th episode of Sen Cal Kapımi, which broadcasted on Sunday evening, August 30, achieved 2.5 million views in just 10 hours. The number of Turkish TV series that can get such a fast and such a high number of Youtube views are very few.  

Turkish series Sen Cal Kapimi – You Knock On My Door fans have been showing so much interest in the trailers for weeks that sometimes this situation even exceeds the total number of viewers watching full episodes on the Series’s screen.

The excitement is also high before the Turkish Series’s 8th episode – Sen Cal Kapimi – You Knock On My Door. The winter season officially begins this week besides several ambitious projects scheduled for this winter season on Wednesdays every week after the pandemic is beginning. My Name is Melek series will meet with the audience again on the TRT1 screen.

Sen Cal Kapimi You Knock My Door Episode 8 English Subtitles

The Series’s fans, Serkan, who blamed Eda for the stolen designs, advise the screenwriters not to forgive Serkan easily by saying, “Make Serkan crawl with version.”  

Here is the detail of what will happen in the 8th episode of Sen Cal Kapımi. Serkan blamed Eda for the stolen design. Eda said, “If you are serious now, You won’t see my face again.” which has left the audience heartbroken.  

Let’s see how he gets used to Eda’s absence. Serkan calls Eda to the office, feeling her lack of presence. And asks the same question How does the design go to Kaan’s hands, which was only with Eda.

Serkan has misunderstood Eda distancing herself from him with the stolen file. Angry, Eda spills out her feelings to Serkan for the reason why she was distancing herself. Eda promises Serkan that she will prove her innocence, and then she will never see his face again. 

Eda is a girl full of pride and self-respect. Since Serkan has hurt her dignity and self-respect with his words and anger, Eda is heartbroken. Eda thinks over and over again, how could he blame her after spending quality time with her. Did he not trust her at all?.   

Eda, along with her friend Jeren starts digging into the matter of the contract leak to the press. Eda is sure about Selin leaking the contract to the media, but she has to collect the proof. She promises Serkan that she will prove her innocence at any cost.

And then will never see his face again. Serkan is still trying hard to understand that whole situation. He finds himself lost between trust and love. 

Serkan makes several excuses to see Eda and to get the answer for himself. Eda tells Serkan that life does not have a logic all the time; there are things beyond reason.   

On the other, Peril narrates the whole incident to Selin. Selin is happy about Serkan’s distrust in Eda and their breakup. Selin starts confessing her feelings towards Serkan.

But Serkan seems least interested in Selin. Ferit resents Selin, who is happy without preventing himself from the news of the separation between Serkan and Eda. For Ferit, danger bells are ringing. if his name is proved in a contract leak to the media. 

Aydan, Serkan’s mother, who is an eyewitness of the blaming witness, feels sorry for Eda. Aydan worries about Serkan distrust in people. Meanwhile, it turns out that Serkan can not solve an urgent problem related to the design patent without Eda.

Eda comes to Serkan to return the Engagement ring but Serkan finds himself in a difficult situation and tells Eda not to take off the Ring. Eda questions why?   Hande Ercel has nailed Eda’s character completely. Her feelings, expressions, and body language are just what make the audience love her.

Eda’s nature has taken Hande Ercel’s acting to the next level. Kerem Bursin is a new face to the international audience. Serkan’s character in Sen Cal Kapımi is carried out well by Kerem, but without Hande Ercels energy and charm as Eda, Serkan’s character feels dull. The eighth episode will be hard to watch with Eda being sad, but exciting to watch Serkan realizing his feelings for Eda.  

Sen Cal Kapimi Episode 8 Trailers

Trailer 1, Trailer 2

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