Sen Cal Kapimi 18 Bolum

Sen Cal Kapimi Episode 18 English Subtitles Explained You Knock On My Door 

The Turkish Series Sen Cal Kapimi – You Knock On MyDoor series, which is broadcasted on Fox TV screens on Wednesday evenings, has made the transition from funny moments to a sad storyline. The failure to meet between Serkan and Eda will take longer. This is a tragic but useful separation process.

What will happen in the 18th new episode of Turkish Series Sen Cal Kapimi – You Knock On My Door, which is broadcast on Wednesday evenings on Fox TV screen, is eagerly awaited. Other details of the Series have also emerged. 

Sen Cal Kapimi Episode 18 English Subtitles

The collapse of the rooftop in Episode 17 is thought to be Serkan’s fault. Serkan is in such a difficult situation for the first time in his life. While everybody, even himself, thinks they are happening because of a mistake he made in drawing, there is only one person who believes that Serkan will never do such a carelessness: of course, Eda! in this Turkish SeriesSeries.

The accident has added a heaviness to his father’s previous mistake—Serkan, who could not accept Eda’s parent’s death because of a constructional error. Now the accident has happened out of his own hands. How will Serkan deal with this guilt of failure?. While Serkan is trying to eliminate the crash’s damage, Eda is determined to solve the error in the drawings. Will Efe be held accountable for the accident?. in Episode 18 of Turkish Series Sen Cal Kapimi – You Knock On My Door.

Episode 18 brings us a change in the Turkish Series Sen Cal Kapimi – You Knock On MY Door. The team has changed the set as per the autumn season. Serkan has moved to a brand new house. A brand new start. No trace of the past. Eda has taken admission to the university. Serkan’s home is located just 4 to 5 km away from Eda’s university. Will this change make the audience feel better? Sometimes change is good in the Turkish Tv Series.

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Serkan goes to a new house, because of which Aydan is very sad. Eda has an excellent plan for Aydan. Eda finally brings Aydan out of her home. Meanwhile, Ayfer learns that Serkan, not Efe, refers to the customer who came to the florist. Serkan is overwhelmed to see his mother overcoming her fears and stepping out joyfully. Eda’s step has left the Serkan family into a very emotional but happy phase in Sen Cal Kapimi Turkish Series. 

Serkan finally hints at Eda about their separation through his statement, “sometimes Nothing is as it seems.”. what seems sad to Serkam is a miracle to Eda. Autumn nights and a new house has brought this couple into a different stage of separation closeness in the new autumn season of Sen Cal Kapimi Turkish Series.

Sen Cal Kapimi 18 Bolum

Selin moves in with Serkan into his new spacious house. How could Serkan agree to this?. Selin again comes between Eda and Serkan. Eda is not happy with Selin in Serkan’s place. 

Eda does what suits her. She distant herself from Serkan. Eda, who says, “I told you what I had told you, stay away from me,”. Serkan’s finds that he cannot stay away from Eda.

Eda and Efe, and Selin, along with Serkan, find each other dining in a restaurant. Eda and Serkan are jealous of each other. Jealousy scene of Episode 18 of Turkish Series Sen Cal Kapimi – you Knock On My Door.

Eda misinterprets Serkan’s behaviour towards Selin. Eda questions Serkan. After all, he has been through, After all, what Selin has done, How can he be so close to Selin and be so strict with her. However, Eda’s statement in Episode 18 is very heavy: “You are afraid of a woman who loves you more than anything.” in this Turkish Series.

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Serkan follows Eda, who is distant to him, and finds him in the university library. Even if they are distorted, they cannot stay away from each other. They spend time together during the night of Episode 18 of Sen Cal Kapimi Turkish Series.

Sen Cal Kapimi Episode 18 Release Date

Turkish Series Sen Cal Kapimi – You Knock On My Door starring Hande Ercel and Kerem Bursin Episode 18 releases on 11 Nov 2020 on FoxTv.

Sen Cal Kapimi Episode 18 Trailers

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