Neslihan Atagül New series Gecenin Ucunda English subtitles

Gecenin Ucunda story Cast Release Date At The End of The Night

Gecenin Ucunda Produced by TMC Film and co-produced by Âlim Yapım, the TV series “The Night’s End” was shot for Star TV. The Night’s End, which is mentioned as one of the ambitious productions of the new season, is a production that Neslihan Atagül fans eagerly await.

The famous actress announced that she started shooting for her new series through her social media sharing. Neslihan Atagül is accompanied by her husband, Kadir Doğulu, in the cast of The Night’s End, directed by Barış Erçetin and written by Başar Başaran and Emre Özdür.

Gecenin Ucunda Cast

Neslihan Atagül New series Gecenin Ucunda English subtitles

Other names in the cast of the series are as follows; Zuhal Olcay, Tuba Unsal, Bertan Aslani, Özge Özder, Kaan Taşaner, Bestemsu Özdemir, Levent Özdilek, Ebru Aykaç, Şencan Güleryüz, Aysun Metiner, Gonca Yakut, Aleyna Özgeçen, Abdulkerim İlhan, Hazal Şenel, Seyda Bayram, Cem Avnayim, Tugay Bahşi , Ufuk Tevge, Kuzey Kaya, Ubeyt Unal and Oya Unal.

Gecenin Ucunda Story

Adapted from Peride Celal’s novel of the same name, the audience will witness a love story in the struggle. Prepared to meet the audience on the Star TV screen in the new season, At The Night’s End, Macide, who cannot be happy in her business life and seeks to heal others, is tested with love on her way to find herself and enters a world she has never seen before.

Neslihan Atagül and Kadir Doğulu couple, who were partners in the Fatih Harbiye TV series eight years ago and whose love started with that series, continues with marriage, will return to the screen as partners after years passed. Even with this aspect alone, the series at the Night’s End increases the excitement.

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