The popular Turkish TV series on the screens are fighting a fierce struggle to surpass their rivals. What determines the fate of the Series is the ratings, which are screen scorecards. The Turkish Series, whose rating is not liked, is taken from the screen in a short time. Some of them get mixed up in the trash of the Turkish Series before they have the opportunity to make a final. However, there is another report card that reveals the striking pictures of the Series.

Social media, which is an indispensable part of our lives now, has a report card on behalf of the Turkish TV series. Every week, daily or monthly Series, lists appear in various categories related to the actors. Although the popularity in social media does not determine the fate of the Turkish TV series, it is an essential medium for awareness.

While the social media activities of some Turkish TV series are poor, their ratings on the screen can be much more strikingly high or vice versa. For example, Sen Cal Kapimi – You Knock On My Dior series makes significant differences to other Series on social media in weekly charts.

In fact, not only based on the Series but also on the most popular lists of actors Hande Erçel and Kerem Bürsin are always at the top of social media. Especially Erçel makes significant differences to her rivals on the list of the most popular female actress of the week.

It is seen that the Turkish Series Sen Cal Kaimi – You Knock On My Door, which has been screened on Fox TV and has been broadcasting on Saturday evenings for a while, is the first among the most talked Turkish Series, as a result of the measurement made on social media last week.

However, not only the winner but also the number of messages Series received is striking. Because it’s the closest rival, Sefirin Kizi -the Ambassador’s Daughter, made a serious difference. While the Turkish Series Sen Cal Kaimi received more than 310 thousand messages, the Daughter of the Ambassador received 181,300 messages. This also shows how active the followers of the Series are on social media.

3rd place is Turkish Series Hercai – Fickle Heart, 4th is Doğduğun Ev Kaderindir – My Home My Destiny, 5th is Dam, 6th is Zümrüdüanka – The Pheonix, 7th is Ramo, 8th is Sadakatsiz – Unfaithful, 9th is Alev Alev – Flames Of Fate, and 10th is Ariza – The Fault.

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