Kralice Episode 1 English Subtitles Queen

Kralice Episode 1 English Subtitles Queen

What day and what channel is the Queen on? Who are the players? What is the theme of the series?

Kralice Episode 1 English Subtitles

Deniz and Ateş, one of the country’s famous basketball players, are happily married. The whole country is shaken by a scandalous news about the basketball team players. 

With the video that emerges in the team’s next match, Deniz and Ateş are on everyone’s lips.

Upon the image of her husband with an escort girl, Deniz went down to the field in the middle of the match and attacked Ateş. 

While all this is going on, Deniz’s father, who lives on his farm in Kefken, has a stroke and dies. Deniz, whose marriage was shaken and her father lost, will have to start life again with her siblings Zeynep and Ali.

Kralice Episode 1 English Subtitles Release Date

New episode date: 22nd March 
Day and time: Wednesday 20:00 
New episode no: 1

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